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Country United States
State Utah
City Pompano Beach
Address 2521 NW 17th Ln
Phone 954-947-1500

99¢ FLOORS Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2017

Do not, Do NOT purchase any flooring from 99cflooring. I was assured by the owner of the company that the laminate he suggested I purchase for my restaurant was commercial grade and will stand up to any wear and tear. I purchased laminate florring for several of my other business from Lumber Liquidators and the floors held up extremely well. My new restaurant was located near 99cFloors and I saw there bill board advertising extremely low pricing for there flooring.

David Belovicz the President of the company assured me the quality of his floor is superior to any and all other products out in the market place. He was able to offer such low prices because of high volume of sales. I doubted his statement as they could not sell more flooring that Lumber Liquidators, however I gave hime the benft of the doubt. Immediately after the flooring was installed, it began to scratch and rip.

Literally minutes fater we opened the doors for business the floors became severly scratched and ripped. Our customers were amazed and upset seeing that it was a brand new floor and was coming apart.

I have dozens of customer testimonials stating what they seen and witnessed as to the floor becoming instantly damaged. I contacted David Belovicz immediately and he refused to acknowledge the situation. I suggested he come to the restaurant and witness it himself however he sent his installer to address my concerns. His installer saw the damaged flooring and urged for the owner of the company to get out of his office and inspect it for himself. Reluctantly he came and immediately blamed fault on our restaurant furniture and dismmissed my claims.

David refuses to accept responsibilty for his misreprensentation of the flooring, which is absolutely not commercial grade or even residential grade. The flooring is made in china with the cheapest materials. I had professional personnel inspect the flooring and all agree the flooring is a sub standard grade. I have proceeded to dispute the charge with my Credit card company and David Belovicz continues to fight the dispute. To Take this matter worse, David Belovicz finally contacted me to settle this dipute as he claimed the negative press is killing him.

He offered to draw up an agreement and settle this headache. However after offering a settlement David Belovicz never preceeded in acting in good faith, WHAT A d****e BAG. Now I will sue his company, his distributor and him personally. The flooring has lifted resulting in a customer tripping. David now has greater legal issued to deal with due to his unethical behavior and business practices.

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