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Ackerman Institute for the Family

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 936 Broadway
Phone 212.879.4900

Ackerman Institute for the Family Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2017

This morning I got a call from a number 1-888-811-7507. A recording was left stating that I owed past due money and must call the number for more details. When I called the number they referred to an old address that i haven't lived at in 5 years. Then stated the last 4 digits of my SS number and had my current home address pulled up stating I owed American Web Loans from 2013. I informed the gentleman on the line. I believe his name was Tim that I never saw American Web Loans on my credit report and never received documentation. He stated he would provide the documentation in 15 minutes. He kept stressing that we are taking you to court in Kings County. I said, 'well see you in court." He got mad because I was calm and stated that I would have his information examined by a legal official like a Lawyer because people scam a lot and I wasn't willing to give my credit card, bank or other identifying information over a phone to a stranger. He also wasn't happy when I said "you might be a scammer and reading from a script." He said if that's how you are going to handle it you will have to see us in court." and that "I'm trying to do you a favor."

When I received the documentation it looked like it was made up at home or in a computer. I just wanted to say double check everything and don't believe the hype. Some of these individuals are liars and won't tell the truth. Also if you receive a call, ask them to send you documetnation to an email and then take the info to be verified by a lawyer. Tons of free lawyer services. Be well and be careful. These scammers never sleep.

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