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Arcadia Realty Corp.

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 3500 Maple Avenue #1165
Phone 972-774-9110

Arcadia Realty Corp. Reviews

  • Dec 29, 2017

In Septermber i started looking for a place to rent. I located Arcadia Realty LLC and Imelda Gonzalez on craigs list with homes and apartments for rent. I gave her my deposit which she accepted in her companys name. First mistake first red flag. she rarely returened my calls and the entire experience was very unprofessional. Second red flag. After trying to find a place for about 45 days we finally located an ideal apartment in pembroke pines, Florida.

The closing came November 1st 2017. i was excited being in my new place for thanksgiving and chrsitmas. Realtives were visiting so this should be a nice time. A few things i noticed in the apartment i needed addressed such as a stains on the carpet. My new property manager said they didnt receive anything from Imelda?Arcadia Realty indicating i had a complaint about the carpet. Third red flag.

Closing At 4pm she strolled in at 5:30 pm with a hand written check. She dropped off the check and left without doing a walk through or sticking around. 4th red flag. I really did not mind because she was very unprofessional and seems like she has know idea what she was doing.

November 20th i received an email saying that the check from Arcadia has been returned and they have not been able to get in touch with her or anyone at Arcadia Realty. I started calling her and she has a different story everytime about making good on the funds. It is now Dec 28th 2017 and i am still in my apartment however Arcadia Realty and Imelda has not made good on the bad check. To reach her i have to call from other numbers.

What is messed up about this is that I am not the first victim and i will not be the last. She spends the Escrow money of her clients and puts them in a very uncomfortable financial situation. Why is this woman till in business?

  • Oct 12, 2017

we signed up a contract for a un approve short sale # 1438 NW 97 ST MIAMI, FL for $45,000.00 the realtor IMELDA GONZALEZ ask my realtor to put $10,000.00 in escrow to proof as more seriuos buyer and we did it.

the contract expired in april and she still didn't returned our money back from the escrow account. Later on we found that this realtor used the same property with other people and collect their escrow money too and didnt return anybody yet.

we called up several time never answer and then we text her she did replied three times that call me next week and I will get your money back from the broker. or the broker is out of town or the office is renovating. she used so many different excuses for us to returning money and didn't returned any money yet. I heard one of the client already did the police complain and file a law suit against her and that will be my next step after this week.

she shouldt have her real estate license and im surprise hwo govenment acting on these cases because all other peopel already compalined to DBPR.

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