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Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 5744 Pacific Center Blvd #306
Phone (877) 702-5463

Blindsgalore Reviews

  • Oct 17, 2017

I purchased blinds via Blindsgalore on 3/23/2015. They worked well and were of high quality. One of the continuously looped cords broke and the other is about to. They are still under the five-year warranty.

I called Blindsgalore on 10/2/2017. They said that they would call and order me two new cords on 10/3/2017.

I called Blindsgalore on 10/12/2017 and was transferred to the voicemail of Janet Ross. She never returned my call.

Today, 10/16, I called Blindsgalore to find out the status because we are expecting guests on 10/19. I was told that the blinds were originally purchased from a company in Turkey and that Bali Blinds, a new company, bought them out. They had me hold while they called Bali in Mexico.

They reported that Bali cannot find my order and wondered if perhaps I used another email address. I did not. I just wanted my cords. The gentleman stated that because the company was in Mexico, they certainly would not be able to send my cords by 10/19 (when my guests are expected to arrive) and asked if I still wanted them. I said, "Yes."

Originally, I offered to pay for them because I wanted them by 10/19. He stated that he looked for my PO, then changed it PO to Batch Code, and could not find it. He explained that Bali said my original color cord was discontinued and that since I was willing to pay for it, I should go to and buy them there.

Instead, I called Bali Blinds. They couldn't locate my order under my telephone number. However, they had me remove the blinds and provide them with PO number on the sticker at the top of the blinds. They have never used such numbers nor have they acquired any blind manufacturing company since my purchase. However, they are sending me two cords at no cost to me whatsoever. Coincidentally, they to arrive on 10/19! I didn't even ask for them to be rushed. They do not carry the color I originally had, but anything will do for now. I'm ordered white, though they have taupe, vanilla, and a few other colors. I say anyone in the same boat as I am, we should all get together and form a class action lawsuit against Blindsgalore.

Meanwhile, Bali Blinds has my business for life!

  • Mar 18, 2017

The company guarntees 100% satisfaction. They sent "blackout" shades that are too narrow and too short. We notified them immediately. We measured according to their directions'. When we reported that the shades were all too small, they kept saying we needed to check our measurements. We remeasured the windows again, providing the same measurements as we sent originally for the order. They then requested that we measure the shades, and we provided them with those measurements. Then they requested pictures of the shades. We held one up to the window as a representative example and sent them the pictures.

After 4 phone calls and 13 emails, they are unwilling to make things right and we are now disputing the $2700 through our credit card company. Be ware of Blindsgalore and thier phony guarntee. They can't get it right.

My experience is much like the customer who filed a complaint 10/11/2011 on this site. I am sorry that I did not see that BEFORE the order.

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