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Central Dispatch

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 26387 Network Place
Phone 800-928-7869

Central Dispatch Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2017

Central Dispatch is the website site where all Auto Transport brokers and carriers go when setting up orders for transport (brokers) or carriers go to pickup orders ready to go.

This website will allow any screwed up carrier to touch cars even when it is brought to their attention the company has screwed many many vehicle owners... damage to cars... running from the problem and not taking care of it. Carriers are never kicked off this site no matter how stupid they act or how poorly they damage a car and run. As long as you pay your $75.00 per month to (a Cox Automotive company).... they can continue to screw customers left and right day after day.

An attorney should start a class action lawsuit against CentralDispatch for knowlingly allowing carriers with the worst reputation in the industry to continue to operate on their dispatch website.

Brokers who post loads at higher prices than what is already posted should also lose their operating authority for abusing the website day after day hurting consumers by causing delays and over charges that are unnecessary. CentralDispatch has had this brought to their attention for years and they refuse to do anything about it. The US JUSTICE DEPARTMENT SHOULD SHUT DOWN CENTRAL DISPATCH UNTIL THEY AGREE TO STOP ALLOWING ABUSE BY THE SAME COMPANIES THAT ABUSE THE SYSTEM DAY AFTER DAY.

Consumers are being hurt by Cox Automotive and their I DON'T GIVE A CRAP ATTITUDE about what they know is going on. Boycott Cox Automotive products and services at all costs because they knowlingly hurt consumers without a care in the world.

Central Dispatch has changed hands multiple times and each time a new owner takes over the abuse gets worse.

What is wrong with the CEO and the CFO of Cox Automotive? Are you that money hungry that you can screw truck drivers and brokers in this industry day after day for profit? Go F$#% yourself!

How do you look at yourself in the mirror for the damage you cause hard working truck drivers day after day because you will not clean up the abuse that all employees of Central Dispatch are aware of but yet do nothing about it?

One broker has been caught 20 times or more for posting loads without a contract. You do nothing about it. As long as they pay their monthly fee you let them piss off every other company that does it right (ethically). You let them piss off every trucker who calls for the load when they don't have the load... they have to call and make the sale and then call the carrier back IF they can close the deal. What a waste of time for every hard working trucker that wants to make one call to fill one spot on the truck. It does not work like that any more because COX Automotive has no clue how upset every one of your paying customers are pissed off at you. You make our work miserable because you do not even enforce your own website rules. Your rating system is a joke. If your idiot employees called the customer who was screwed you would realize how much your company F@#%$#@ consumers! How dare you!


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