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Cheri Lynn Hernandez

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 7200 Eldridge Pkwy
Phone 713-826-0749

Cheri Lynn Hernandez Reviews

  • Apr 20, 2017

On Saturday, April 8th my husband purchased a washer/dryer set for $475.00. The delivery guy delivered it the same day at about 7ish.

My husband connected them at about 10pm; we let the water run and automatically, we noticed a rancid like smell. We didn't think much of it and assumed that adding some detergent and letting it run would eliminate the bad smell. About an hr later I went to check on the clothes and noticed that the clothes was soaking wet. I immediately became upset and told my husband to text the delivery guy but he was hesitant because of how late it was and ensured that he would contact him the following day (Sunday).

Sunday morning my husband contacted the delivery guy via text message but he did not respond so my husband proceeded to call him. My husband explained the issue and the delivery guy told him that he could exchange them on Friday, April 14th.

Aside from waiting an entire week to exchange the set, this was a complete inconvenience to our family and I did not agree to wait until Friday. I called the delivery guy and explained that this was not an option and that we were ensured a year's warranty. All he told me was to contact the owner which was out of town at the time I spoke to him. The next day I called the "owners" number and spoke to a woman that went by "Julie" I explained the situation and she ensured me that she would exchange them on Tuesday. Tuesday arrived and my husband and I both called, multiple times and texted both numbers with no response. I was finally was able to get an answer and again "Julie" told me that they promised to deliver a new set on Wednesday. Wednesday arrived and nothing.

My husband was fed up and decided to present himself at the store on Thursday afternoon at about 3pm and once more, the woman insisted that they were low on inventory and that we will definitely have a set on Tuesday April 18th.

Here we are Tuesday, April 18th with no working washer/dryer. My husband visited the store again this morning at about to 10AM to reconfirmed and "Julie" again told him she would get someone to make the delivery today. The driver again was a no show and they didnt even bother to contact us in any way. I called several times, texted several times and she is not responding to any of our messages. she uses many names to conceal her identity, The coward has multiple Facebook accounts using different company names to make it more difficult for people to find the company. I also found many reviews online of victims that have been scammed in the past. I feel that this should be public to protect other buyers from investing the hard earned money in these appliances. It's not a lot of money but that is not the point here; what she is doing is just wrong and she should be held accountable for her actions.

Cheri Mcclure Hernandez Amaya whatever your REAL name is; if you're readind this, just know that we will all get justice. i promise :)

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