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Church of the Cove

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Townsend
Address 642 Wears Valley Road
Phone 865-448-1929

Church of the Cove Reviews

  • Feb 17, 2017

Instead of directly attacking Anthony's church. Simply wanted to share how he is as a person and how others have found out how his shady church group is off key with anything Christian.He has been seen at times while driving up town he has his cliques behind him driving and shaking their heads at the little people that are not members of his church. Almost every church is weird of off key with being forever kind towards other humans in the community that are not a member. He has a YouTube channel probably not worth watching. The guy is weird as it is. He seems like one of them Southern Baptists that have silly ways about them.Anthony is a mysterious person. As is his pastor Darren and family of the pastor is very shady. Catholics that have known Anthony's pastor said the pastor cheats on his wife. They now have referrals to other churches and including a Catholic group to keep people happy and bringing in weird guest speakers and swapping out nice expensive cars with anyone that sleeps with the members or gives lots of money. Typical of a casual "christian" group.

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