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CMS Home Improvements

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Trenton
Address 687 Klockner Rd
Phone 609-424-9650

CMS Home Improvements Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2017

I hired Chad to do some work on my house. My neighbors and I wanted to remove the fence between us and replace it with a black steel fence that was available at Sam’s Club. It involved 2 sections of fence and a gate across their driveway and 3 sections of fence between our two driveways. They would pay for the fence across the driveway and I would pay for the fence between the driveways. Chad gave us a price of $600 to install the fence which I paid for and he and I bought.

Chad pulled out the posts but one to leave temporary fencing which my neighbors put up so my neighbors’ dogs wouldn’t be free. Chad said that 6 tons of dirt would be needed to level the ground for the fence. He took the money for the dirt, the upfront money for the installation and he presented the new cost of $2500 for the installation of the fence.

He required $700 in cash to pay his workers he said, which my neighbor gave him.

My neghbor also paid for the dirt that was dumped in their driveway. I texted Chad that I was unwilling to go forward with the work on my greenhouse and front steps due to my inability to pay for the two jobs, but that the downpayment money should be used for the fence. He then put the fence together without reading the instructions that required that the fence pickets be installed after the cross bars were attached to posts.

Chad took my 1370 and my neighbors’ 1000 deposit and started with excuses about why he wasn’t coming to fulfill the contract. He did not offer to return our money for services he didn’t provide. He ignored our text messages and phone calls and never returned.

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