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Coastal Financial Services

Country United States
State Massachusetts
City Dartmouth
Address 62 State Road North
Phone 508.990.1583

Coastal Financial Services Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2017

My son my daughter and my husband were all contacted by Coastal Financial Services saying that they were doing a skip-trace to locate me personally because they are launching a lawsuit against me because of a prior payday loan that I supposedly taken out with one of their business constituents they gave me the name of a FPC Bank and said that they are lenders who are calling to collect on behalf of a Payday lender that I took a loan and wrote a bad check on. First of all I did not write a check at all so this was incorrect information from the start. Secondly it was an online payday that I took out with speedy cash back in 2011 which was paid and then resubmit it and not paid because my Bank closed my account due to Identity Theft. They said that they were going to launch a lawsuit against me and charge me up to three times the amount of what my loan was and that I could make payment arrangements and proceed with the arrangements to pay the debt now or they would go to court against me so I advise them that I was a previous debt collector I used to work for ARS National which is associated recovery systems and they fail to Miranda rise meand because they fell to Miranda rise me they were in breach of the Fair Debt collections Practices Act they said that they are not a collections agency they said that they are a branch of Law and that they are mediating on behalf of the financial institution that guarantee my loan I said any branch of law collecting the debt because it is a law and covered by the fdcpa must State the Miranda Pryor to any engagement regarding any financial matters personal and private and between two parties and cannot disclose any of my current information to anyone other than myself which they also violated because they discussed my personal financial situation with my son. my ex-husband said that they were going to submit a document to court and it would turn into a warrant for my arrest. you cannot be arrested for writing a bad check unfortunately unless it's a large amount number one number two I never wrote a check. so this led me to believe that they were either lying or that this was a scam. they refuse to give me their fax number additional telephone numbers their address and insisted that I give them a credit card number to pay the debt immediately or that they would take up the resolution in court I told them go right ahead to court and I will counter you in court because I do have a lawyer and mr. Allen Rubenstein would love to collect on my behalf he has been practicing law for 30 years and he is also a good friend of mine I told them the address that they currently had was not correct but that my email address was and for them to email me any documentation that they had pursuant to any claims representation or court cases they said they already sent this information I told them they have not I had never received it I diligently check my email on a daily there's nothing in it from them. I asked them to send some other documentation and they refused and only ask for credit card to make a payment arrangement for the supposed debt. I told them to go ahead and launch the lawsuit I would not be giving them any credit information and that because they had not read me the Miranda of the f d CPA they would not get a thing and that I will counter sue them for up to 52% of all of their earnings as debt collectors if they attempted to take me to court without serving me the proper papers requesting my present address and lying about the fact that I actually wrote a check when I had a check free account. the documents in question for the payday loan we're actually signed by electronic signature so they don't even have a signature proving anything and the loan was repaid in full so I should not be receiving any collections calls and that I would forward this information immediately to my lawyer. As I continue to ask for a phone number and address they continue to put me on hold and passed me around. I called them back over 12 times in the course of one day and recorded all of the phone calls

  • Jul 21, 2017

Coastal Financial Service, or Global Financial Service was who they stated they were the first time they called.

Myself, family and friends were receiving harassing calls stating there was a "Formal Complaint" filed against me, by what sounded like a male impersonating a law enforcement officer and then my name was computer generated.

So I call and asked the usual questions, Who, What, Where and When.

Of course, they couldn't provide any information other than last 4 of my SS#, an old address and some ridiculous amount of money I supposedly owned. They stated the loan was processed on line and they had no documents they could mail me certified.

I asked where they were located, nope no information. All the woman kept saying was "Are you listening to me," and talking over everything I was asking about the loan. Round we went, with why they couldn't send anything, did they have a legal signature, who the loan was placed with, which, she actually stated several payday loan companies. I asked well which one is it?

The woman then stated they were a mediator and asked how I'd like to pay the loan. I stated I wasn't until I contacted the Credit Agency's and placing a Fraud Alert on my credit.

She then started to become angry with me and told me "That wasn't part of her job and she didn't care what I did", she would document it in the system and I would be receiving courts documents in the mail and that the loan would be increased up to 500%, yes 500% the amount of the loan and I would be responsible for all court costs and fees.

I then asked if this loan was owed since 2013, why wasn't it placed on my credit report? Oh we are not a collection agency, we are a mediation company. I asked, then why are you asking to pay the loan off? No answer. When I asked how I could pay the loan off, she stated I put your answer in the computer and I can't change it. I then told her I'd see them in court and hung up.

These people are nasty when they call and even more when your talking with them. They don't care what you have to say, they want "You to Listen" to them.

I hope this helps someone else dealing with this company. Credit Fraud or whatever, just don't let them manipulate you into payment or scare you with the 500% increase and court, you'll never see it.

Any legitimate collection will send any information you are requesting and work with you, not threaten and harass you into payment. Plus I've never heard of a mediation service for collections.

  • Jul 4, 2017

Coastal Financial Services began contacting me in early 2016 informing me of bogus payday loans with companies I have never heard of from 2013. I told them I have never had a payday and asked them to provide proof. I was told they would mail the letter from the attorney. To date I have not received any letters. Meanwhile, they have continued to call me, my family and friends all day everyday.

We have blocked all the numbers they've used and have not returned the calls. I recently changed me cell number and today I was contacted, again. I called them back repeatedly trying to get further information from them without confirming my name and asked for their mailing address and was told I would not get that information unless I gave them my name. Which I refused to do and I informed them that I will give their number to my attorney and we will go to court.

What confuses me is how they got my new number I only provided with creditors I know have security measures in place and I have Identify protection with them.

This company confirmed the last 4-digits of my social securety number and addresses. I know this information is on public records but my SS#?!

This is scary especially since I'm reading of other complaints on different websites about this company. I look forward to them being "brought-down" and prosecuted. I want to be there when it happens.

  • Jun 14, 2017

Received a phone call from a man stating his name was Richard Bond. And that he was the Legal Division for Coastal Financial. Stating that they had my home and work addressess and were getting ready to file everything with the court over a payday loan. And that he was calling to offer me a settlement amount.

I asked them to send me something in writing and he said they already had. And that they could email me something. But there was not enough time to mail me something. I told him that within 5 days of contact, he had to send me something in writing. He proceeded to tell me that I was stalling and that they had already sent me something. And read off my old address to me.

I asked him for the address to his company. And he asked why I wanted that. I told him that if they were representing the payday loan agency, then I had a right to their address. He then told me that I was trying to stall for time and that I was only giving them a hard time because I had not paid for my debt and now was going to have to. When I tried to ask him for more information, he automatically hung up on me.

If this company was legit, they would have no problem providing me with the information that I am asking for. Do not pay them anything!

  • May 17, 2017

This company has been calling me for years. They are relentless, and insist i took out a payday loan with their client who they will not reveal. I told them i didnt owe anything, but if they could send me something in the mail, i would review.

they have left harrassing phone messages saying I have a formal complaint filed against me, and any information leading to my whereabouts should be reported immediately. I have lived at the same address and phone number for 15 yrs. I have never received any written information from them... only harrassing phone calls.

i called and asked them for details, which they said they cannot discuss, and i said, if i wanted to send a ck, where would i send it... just to get an address.. they said they didnt take cks. I said what if i wanted to send money order. They said they didnt take money orders... only credit or debit cards over the phone.

I told them i disputed any claim, and they said ok, we will see you in court....

but i know from experience and past episodes, they will continue harassing my relatives and friends forever, until someone stops them.

a phone number is all i have... but it keeps changing. They are asking for $480 from "GTI Holdings" which tells me nothing.

  • Apr 22, 2017

I received a phone call about two weeks ago. The agent stated that a complaint has been filed against me. The agent had my name and the even the last four digit of my social. I have dealt with so call scams like this who stated that if i refused that legal matters would be process against me but no legal action came about nor any doc. Were sent to my home and negative remarks has been reported against me. So when these people called (CFS) I knew that they were a scam because they couldn't explain why they haven't just mail me the documents so i can view it and they gave me all kind of excuses why they have not not done that and that's because have limited information about you and is not legally company and uses 866 area code numbers to hide them. They further couldn't explain why there company is unsearchable in any searches. So i have made hundreds of calls to these people over the pass two weeks and constantly asked them about the legitimately of this company and have been hung up on me or threatened legal action but nothing have happen so now they block my calls now. WATCH OUT FOR THESE SCAMS.

  • Apr 11, 2017

These people seem to have stolen my identity. I refused to acknowledge who I was to them. DO NOT CONFIRM ANYTHING TO THEM. the person had either a Haitian, or French accent. I know for a fact that I don't owe anyone anything. I also know my information was stolen by the Office of Personel mgmt., which is part of the United States government. Those a*** have done nothing to protect stolen identities. Tell them you will be reporting them to Homeland security, the justice dept., FBI, and your local and state police.

  • Feb 17, 2017

This company is a fraud and scam. They call with intimidating message about bogus money owed. They are a scam, do not pay them. There is nothing they can do. They will not give you their address or where they are located and they will not give you any evidence of debt owed. They used different aliases and will transfer you around. Again do not be afraid, and do not pay them.

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