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Cobra Enterprises Inc

Country United States
State Utah
City Salt Lake City
Address 1960 Milestone Dr
Phone 801-908-8300

Cobra Enterprises Inc Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2017

I bought a Cobra Big bore derringer for $160 from a dealer. The firearm would not fire out of the box. There was no manual either so I went online to Cobra to download a manual and troubleshoot. The manuals were not available for download so I sent them an email requesting it. Over 2 weeks later I recieved a bad photocopy of a manual that was virtually unreadable. There were no troubleshooting items in the manual for the issue so I attempted to contact Cobra per their instructions over the course of a month with no response. There is no one at the number they provide and I left messages but no one returned my calls to their number, fax or multiple email addresses. After no response I filed a report with the BBB of Utah and their contact efforts also led to no response. The really frustrating part of this is two-fold, firstly in my state you have to buy a permit to purchase a handgun and turn in that permiit with the purchase so I am also out that money. Additionally I purchased the gun at a gun show and traded a very nice gun I had restored at a loss for it + cash. The dealer at the show is 5 hours away from me and can do nothing to help suggesting it is a manufacturers issue which I agree with. I highly suspect these folks are out of business so hopefully no one else spends their money with them and gets the same treatment as I. I know own a highly regulated govt registered paperweight.

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