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Destinos Unlimited

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 15501 N Dial Blvd
Phone : 1-855-545-5494

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  • Oct 12, 2017

My husband and I went to a timeshare presentation at the Vidanta Grand Mayan Resorts in Nuevo Vallarta in Feb. 2017. We were convinced by the timeshare salesman that hangs out in the Mega store "Mark" that this was a beautiful place and that information would be presented in an honest manner.

We attended the presentation and were shown around, and a number of representatives tried very hard to sell us a timeshare, but we declined. However, we were interested in the prospect of buying in the near future, so after they kept us there for 5 hours hammering away at us, we finally caved and bought a "trial" package. The package was for 3 years and included 1 free week at the Mayan Resort in Nuevo Vallarta, plus 3 Destinos weeks for current usage fees, plus some diamond and adventure weeks, and we paid $2,000 USD.

We made it clear that we were looking at booking our free week and 1 destinos week either the very beginning of January 2018, or Feb or March 2018. We expressed concern of availability because this is high season, but the salemans assurred us - not twice, but 4 times, if not more, that availability would not be a problem because they have access to a large inventory and that we "would not" have any problem booking in to the Mayan Palace Nuevo Vallarta during Jan, Feb, March of 2018. Our salesman and the lady that brought us the contracts, assurred us that our free week and 1 destinos week would be no problem to use to book in Jan - March 2018.

Since the contract states we cannot book greater than 5 months out from the date we wish to us our free week, and destinos week, I called early October 2017 to book for Feb/March 2018. I was told there was absolutely no availability for the free or destinos week, and that to use my free week, I should call beginning of November 2017 to try and book for April. She also stated that I could only use my free week in the off season - April - October. I explained to her that this is not what we were told, that we explicitely asked about using our free week in Jan-March, and she said our contract only allowed us to use our free week in the off season.

I then called back later in the day, and spoke to another agent and tried to book, and she told me there was no availability in Nuevo Vallarta, but that I could book in Sea Garden in Mazatlan, or Grand Mayan in Puerto Penasco in the months of January and February 2018. Since this was a surprise, I told her I would get back to her.

I called the next day, and was told by another agent that my free week could only be used in May - October and there were no other options. I tried explaining to her that our goal was to try out the Grand Mayan in Nuevo Vallarta with the original thought to purchase if we liked it, but she just kept repeating that we could not use our free week.

I then called customer service and explained that we were told we could use our free week to experience the resort we were interested in buying in, but the lady just kept saying there was no availability and we could not use our free week in the winter months. That was the extent of their customer service.

We were lied to during the sales, and what we bought was clearly mis-represented to us since we very clearly asked if we could use our free week during the winter months - and were assured there would be no problem! We were scammed - shame on Vidanta, Destinos Unlimited, and Vida Vacations as we were a potential customers - but certainly would not deal with companies that scam people as their business. All we want is to use our free week and 1 destinos week in Feb/March in Nuevo Vallarta to see if we would like to own in that location - during the time we would use the timeshare if we actually bought. We would like our $2,000 back or get to use our 2 weeks in Feb/March 2018.

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