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Detox For Less

Country United States
State Ohio
Address 8190 BEECHMONT AVE. SUITE 312
Phone 1-877-420-3386

Detox For Less Reviews

  • Jul 26, 2017

The website owned and managed by 513 Ventures of Cincinnati Ohio, representative Kevin Stewart, uses deceptive practices to gain online presence regarding products they do not carry or provide. They claim to have the Peepack which they do not. They use the popularity of the Peepack product to mislead customers into purchasing their imitation product of the Peepack. Presently they claim the Peepack does not meet their company's standards yet they tend to leave their listing of the Peepack up on their website and continue to build search engine optimizsation into the listing's presence. Please reference This company, 513 Ventures, is known to harrass and threaten many of its competitors through fasle and ficticous language. All of their websites are strictly for instructing customers on how to pass a drug test with their products.

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