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Dr. Chris Raggio

Country United States
State Mississippi
City Jackson
Address 4210 Quail Run
Phone 601-981-4711

Dr. Chris Raggio Reviews

  • May 19, 2017

This guy is a doctor, but he was in psychiatric treatment (hospitalization) with me and he was fired from his residency. He is unscrupulous, vengeful, tries to avoid child support, and lies about people, refusing to take responsbility for his failure. He is borderline and bipolar, and is not a psychiatrist, is not board eligible or board certified, and will never get another residency. He has already blown 2. Additionally, he lives with his dad, and he is about 40. He is a loser. DO NOT GO TO HIM. He took another patient's information and told about it in group.

  • May 19, 2017

This guy has never been anything but a parasite and meets most criteria for sociopathy. He failed at residency, and knows little or nothing about psychiatry or neuroscience. There is no app which claims in paid press releases to have created to help the mentally ill. He is very mentally I'll, in fact, and destructive. He lived off his parents until middle age, even while stating that his mother was "a b***h" and that his father was "p***y whipped" by his girlfriend, initials DS. He lies compulsively to everyone and is too much of a coward to face his enemies, hiding behind his blu Ray TV watching probably pirates of the Caribbean and wishing he had put together Silk Road, instead of looking for contraband all over the Tor network. He would watch the Social Network but he blames his parents for not allowing him to grow up to be Zuckerberg. It is a good thing he hates his kids - although most people don't realize that he had two, at about the same time. He heard voices telling him that something bad would happen if he didn't marry LSR, but MD has had to take him to court for child support, although she states they had a four year relationship, he had a court ordered DNA test. he then took her back to court claiming he was disabled, and planning to move to NewZealand if he had to continue to pay child support. New Zealand wouldn't have him, though, and I have a copy of their letter basically telling him his cv was completely inadequate - he had already failed to complete his first residency and this was before he was fired from his second and last. He is also incredibly cheap, a well known fact, and has none of the characteristics of a philanthropist which he claims to be. He claims to be an investor this month. In reality, he is a d**. Well, that is really being generous, as several of us have been there, done that. He's actually just a loser without social skills who played with little boys all through high school.

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