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Dr. George W. Rozakis, MD

Country United States
State Ohio
City Westlake
Address 29111 Center Ridge Rd
Phone 440-777-2667

Dr. George W. Rozakis, MD Reviews

  • May 19, 2017

I became a "patient" of Dr. George W. Rozakis in September 2010 ... seeking help for several and severe symptoms related to menopause. After reviewing my blood tests and in a face to face meeting; the doctor told me I was a classic case and he could make me well in 90 days with30 various supplements and bioidentical hormones. He also said that I should be experiencing significant progress in 30 days and at that time, would need to take additional blood tests so my program could be adjusted.

The initial cost to be a "member" of the Dzugan Meathod was $2100 along with $350 for supplements and $100 for hormones and $450 for blood tests. None of these costs were covered by insurance.

By Janury of 2011 I was not getting better. I was getting worse and experiencing several side effects. I had a face to face meeting with the doctor and at that time he made some changes to my program. He was very put off that I had expressed concern and doubt about his abilities to help me; as he seemed confused and did not know what to do and all the promises he made to make me better were not happening. The last thing he said to me was to eat less and excercise more. I was furious. I did not spend thousands of dollars with "experts" to get "advice" that is free anywhere to anyone.

In May of 2011, I sent a letter to Dr. George W. Rozakis severing all association and asking for my $2100 member fee be returned to me in 30 days. I recieved no response. At the same time, I stopped taking all supplements and hormones perscribed by the doctor. In 3 weeks I was feeling like a new and healthy person.

In January of 2012, my attorney wrote a letter to the doctor asking he return my money. After several phone conversations between my attorney and the doctor; he agreed to do so. As of this date my money has not been returned. And expect it never will.

I drove past the docto'rs office last week and the Dzugan Method sign is gone. In its place on the door, reads --- "Your Natural Perscription" ... Dr. Georgre W. Rozakis M.D. 29111 Center Ridge Road Westlake Ohio 440 250 9510. What this all means ... I am sure ... nothing good . Dr. George W. Rozakis is a thief and a fraud . Beware !

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