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Eagle Training Services

Country United States
State Illinois
City Crystal Lake
Address 1095 Pingree Rd, Suite 217
Phone (847) 854-3218

Eagle Training Services Reviews

  • May 19, 2017

PLEASE READ this before you join Eagle Training or Harper College. I highly discourage anyone from signing up with Eagle Training Service in order to obtain a CDL A License. There are a number of reasons why I discourage anyone from signing up with them, they are only in business cause of Swift Transportation otherwise they do not get enough students to stay in business. There is no real teacher for the Ist week classroom, its start on the every Monday and written test on Friday. Actually, class is only for 3 days cause your Ist day you will be just doing the drug test. And in those 3 days, the old man (instructor) got loads of personal stories to entertain you!!!

The classroom time at Eagle is a complete waste of time. Eagle has no curriculum for the classroom hours. The director of the school happened to be a real ugly b***h, who act like she knows everything!

The majority of the time the student spends practicing “skills”, on the yard which is freaking like sand ground, the student will be practicing the “straight back” and offset. There are usually two instructors (old men) one is always sitting on the golf car and another one is just standing on the corner with the d**n cigar in his mouth and screming & yelling whole day on students.

Once again, Eagle is only is business cause of Swift Transportation, they send them lot of students every week otherwise this ripoff place would have gone out of business long time ago. I have wasted my 5 weeks there.

I passed the CDL A exam at the DMV (not at Eagle), I recommend you not to patronize Eagle Training Services. Save yourself a giant headache and money by researching other schools and applying elsewhere.

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