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  • Jul 20, 2017

I am writing this report to let other consumers know about a new Internet scam being perpetrated online under the guise of earning extra money for allowing a bogus website called access to your facebook ads manager accounts. This scam first has you download a program called Teamviewer which gives them remote access to your computer system where they have complete control and they take over from there once they get all the information they need for your facebook account and your computer system. Then they go to work placing ads for so called bogus health and beauty products under your facebook ads manager account. They will pay you in the beginning something like $25 and then boost it up to $50 and then $75 and then after about three weeks of running ads under your account it all goes wrong. The ads are disabled by facebook as being in violation of their ads policies. Most of these ads are making bold and bogus claims for weight loss and beauty products and drawing criticism from facebook users some of who buy into these claims others do not. They use your computer system to log into facebook so they won't be flagged as a hacker as it looks like you are the one logging into your account through this remote access they have. Once inside they run up a huge ad bill into the hundreds of thousands of dollars spending anywhere from fifteen hundred to two thousand dollars daily on facebook credit account in the ads manager.

Then once their ads have been disabled by facebook they try running ads under your personal name and account with no mention of them paying for their ads, they claim that they can't do anything about payment until facebook unflags the account but by then they have done what they wanted to do and made money from their ads off unsuspecting consumers who buy these bogus products probably not getting anything in return for their money. These criminals are preying on those who want to earn extra money claiming on one account that you could make upwards of $500 per week for letting them run ads under your Facebook account. Once you catch on to them, the damage is done and they are on their way to the next victim. Do not fall victim to this website on any search engines or even if you find them on Facebook they are running a page now called ezjobs101 on Facebook offering to pay $500 per month for an easy job where you don't have to do anything to earn the money but they still list as their main website to go to where they claim you can make money if you let them run ads on your Facebook ads manager account. They claim that they pay for their own ads but they use bogus credit card information and they know Facebook won't charge it until a certain date and by that time they have had time to log into your system as many times as they want and access your facebook and run up a huge ad bill on your account and then disappear.

The phone number on the website is fake and you can't get in touch with anyone and if you do they won't give you any real names or addresses where they are located. Also the chat box on the website is run only when they want to appear to be legitimate other than that you will be ignored if you send them emails or try to call them or open a chat with them. If they answer you it is only to quell any concerns you have about them being legitimate which they are not. The Teamviewer program they have you download is nothing more than a program that allows them complete control over your computer system and they can even access your computer without the passwords by overriding the system and getting in and doing what they want. They will try to take over adminstration of your entire system if you download this program. Don't fall for this new scam online there is not much written about them anywhere as I have searched their website name and come up with very little information about them so they are fairly new and their website is fairly new and doesn't give any identifying information as to who is behind it only anonymous hosting services and no company name or ownership names given.

Stay away if your run across this website and I am trying to get the word out there so others do not fall victim to this elaborate scam online that promises big money and only scamming you so they can run up a huge ad bill on your Facebook ads account and make money themselves off unsuspecting consumers with bogus or fake products. I hope that this report helps someone who is looking for information on this bogus website and that it keeps you safe online from those who would prey upon those who are looking for extra ways of making money. Whatever you do don't download any programs from this site as it only leads to trouble and don't allow them access to your facebook ads accounts no matter how much they claim to pay you for it. It is all a Scam!

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