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Evergreen Tree Service

Country United States
State Florida
City Largo
Address 1921 Starkey Rd
Phone 727-945-3414

Evergreen Tree Service Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2017

Evergreen Tree Service was hired a couple of days after Hurricane Irma. A large old Oak tree had fallen and needed to be removed from the garage side of the house. Evergreen charged $7,500 for a $1,500 job. They took down the tree and did not cut the pieces into the appropriate sizes for haul away. They wrecklessly neglected to remove any of the debris, rather they piled it in front of the home owner's property and the neighbor's property. The debris still remains over a month later after the neighborhood has been cleared by the county. The county is unable to collect it due to the large size of the debris pieces. The neighbor's fence was destroyed by this work as well. When contacting Evergreen Tree Service, they refuse to rectify the situation for the home owner or the affected adjacent neighbor. The pile of debris remaining is 200 feet long by 20 feet deep by 15 tall. It is a hazard to our neighborhood causing housing for rats and a habitat for mosquitos. I want to warn people of this business' unethical behavior to save others from being taken advantage of by Evergreen Tree Service.

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