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General Credit Services, Inc.

Country Canada
City Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone 1-877-588-4274

General Credit Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Nov 11, 2017

I want to believe that General Credit Services Inc is a real company that provides unbiased service to its clients and the debtors it attempts to collect from, but I am finding it very difficult to see beyond the possiblity that this is a front for professional scam artists:

They have not provided a direct mailing address on their mailing address.

The letter they sent to me was not signed by anyone.

No name of any representative appears on the letter

The letter is not dated

This company has managed to tarnish my financial history which prior to contacting me was in positive territory. They are accusing me of owing $13000 to a company I have never had any financial dealings with at any point in time.

They say that I owe a comapny named Arc Properties, a company possibly located in New Jersey. I have never been to the United States nor have I heard of this organization until now. I do not invest in real estate and I definitely have not had any dealings with Wells Fargo whom they claim is the original creditor.

I am wondering who is actually the creditor here because General Credit Services Inc actually says I owe Arc properties, but that Wells Fargo is the original creditor.

Anyway my contention is that I wrote a letter to the P.O. address given by General Credit Services Inc to let them know that I dispute this debt and that if they disagree they should send me the relevant information so that I can send it to the relevant authorities for investigation. I sent this letter to them by express mail and for more than two months ago and up till now have not heard from them. Now that I need to access my credit history for financial check I discover that they have added this debt that does not belong to me to my credit file as reported by equifax.

If this organization is unlike the professional scam artists who perpetuate this kind of scam on innocent people everyday I would think that they would have sent the documents to me to prove my innocence before adding it to my credit file.

This organization needs to understand the kind of havoc they inject into peoples lives by making this unfounded claims. I hope their past victims will come toghether in a group to file a class action law suit for incompetency on their part or for the possiblilty that they are a front for professional scam artists.

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