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GianPaolo DiCocco

Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Dec 29, 2016

GIan Paolo DiCocco is a sham and a scam. He will offer an astrology reading at one price and then offer you a higher price to move you to the front of the line. He went from 50 to 350 in a matter of an email or two. He tells women over 50 that they are not ill with physical problems they are pregnant...

Worse of all he publically humiliates you and posts your questions and personal information live on his facebook if you disagree with him or say that the reading was subpar.

He is rude to people and tells them he is distributing the karma back to them by public shaming if they disagree with his predictions or prices. Don't believe me post something negative on his facebook comment section and watch your world spin out of control. He will belittle you and berate you. He is also taking videos from other sources and using them to pretend he is an astologer.

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