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report scam


Country United States
State Ohio
City Zanesville
Address 570 Pine Street


  • Apr 20, 2017

I was looking for a contractor to do some renovations on our house when we met John Chambers. He told us that he own Chambers Custom Remodeling in Zanesville, Ohio and that he have 25+ years in the industry. We wanted to build a room with tile flooring as an addition to the back of our house and he assured us that all his work would be up to “standard building code” so we decided to hire him for the job. About a week later him and his "crew" came and tore down the old structure, disappeared for a week and came back the next week to pour the foundation. He came back a week later and started building the new "structure" and has since disappeared. This project was supposed to last a couple of days to a week and it is now a month and he keeps giving excuses why he cannot come back to complete the job. We had some other contractors look at the work he did and they all agree that he did a sh#tty job and we paid him for the work that he completed and some money for future work and supplies, but it is clear now that he was all about the money. Do not do business with this crook! Looks like we are heading for court.

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