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Leisure Time Resources, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Cape Coral
Address PO Box 101530
Phone 605-297-5641

Leisure Time Resources, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 20, 2017

I enter an online survey that offered a Walmart Gift Card in 2016, Applying for various offers were part of the survey. Each offer stated you would cancel within a certain time frame by calling a phone number provided. I contacted the other companies that I had selected and easily unscbribed their offer. However, when I called to cancel the magazine subscriptions, LEASURE TIME RESOURSES, the associate said she needed to verify my information first. This was my second mistake, I confirmed the information she requested. The first mistake, filing out the online survey in the first place. When I asked to cancel my membership, she stated she did not have the authority to grant the request that only a superivor could. So, I asked to speak with someone. After a wait time, with multiple interruptions by a taped recording, I was transferred to her superivor. I again requested to unsubscribe from any publication subscriptions. I was told in a MUCH louder voice that was impossible. Quickly, I was informed in a matter of fact way, I was the one who had subscribed so I would be the one who paid for the subscriptions for the next FIVEyears. I asked for the company's address and to speak to someone else. The line was then disconnected. I tried calling back multiple time only to receive a recording the phone number was no longer in service. I called Walmart for information to unsubscribe from the magazine subscriptions. I was told they had nothing to do with the offers made in the survey and they had no way to contact anyone. Did I receive the cash card from Walmart? NO. To those who feel compelled to win or earn online cash cards, it may cost you far more than the card you MAY receive.

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