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Country United States
State Kentucky
City Lexington
Address P.O. Box 12307
Phone 855-440-2828


  • Aug 31, 2017

I was hired for this brokers to move a load from ruper, id to pompano beach, fl. A load of potatoes in boxes, 20 pallets. The load was not wrapped and properly secure by the shippers for a 2700 miles trip. At the end of the load, one pallet fall apart and 3 boxes where damaged and not accepted by recivers. I contact the broker ( longship) and they approve the waste diposal of the damaged product. Untill today the load has not been pay yet because a claim was open on the load for the 3 boxes damaged and still under process to collect the payment for the service i provide to this brokers. The load was on delays of 12 hours 40 minutes on the shippers and 6 hours at receivers. No detention has been agreed by broker untill today. This report its made just as an advice to the trucking industries. A company that open a claim for 3 boxes of potatoes wich the price shoul be under $150 it's not a good company to work with. KEEP AWAY OF THIS BROKERS.

  • Jul 12, 2017

So after being in trailer for long ,sweat made boxes wet and weak when i pulled in the next day 1 of the top bins had shifted due to weak box/sweat lumper had to restack and woow his shipper sent rotten melons that were stuck at bottom of bins, now its been 3 weeks and counting this broker is not paying always saying call tomorrow last time he flat out told me he wont pay period am a small business who relay on cash flow ,am running close to just file a claim on his bond ,he claimed we damaged the 6 melons that were actually rotten and to sum up all this i actually have all clean bills from his customer so whats the reason i dont get paid for sevices i did and contracted? Drivers and companies doing business with longship logistics be warned they don't pay .

  • Apr 20, 2017

We picked up a load of watermelons in punta gorda fl on 04/03/2017 to trenton nj for delivery on the 5th at 0800. Midway thru the trip will holton contacted me and said the melons was being redirected to chester ny. I requested an additional m$250 for the extra miles tolls, ect. Was informed he would only pay $150. At this point we did'nt have much choice my driver was in va. So we agreed to the $150.00. Will holton sent me a delivery slip that my driver had to present at receiver to accept the melons. It was c@s warehouse. I texted and emailed to my driver the new delivery paperwork. He arrived at c@s and showed them the new delivery receipt on his phone and they said no problem they just needed delivery and appointment numbers off of it. Well about a hour into the reload my driver was called inside and notified the melons was getting declined because they were rotton. At that point he requested they sign some paperwork stating what the problem was. He stated he needed to print out a new delivery receipt or another document. C@s said no we will sign what you have since it is a quality issue not a delivery or location issue.

So they made their notations on the original delivery slip to nj. I told brian the driver to stay put until i called the broker. I contacted the broker on duty in the office i believe his name was logan. He tried to be helpful and was very courteous and professional. He said he had to contact the broker for direction. Will holton shot me 2 emails back very short and very rude sounding like it was something we did. He said take the melons to hamilton nj warehouse 125 miles away and they would receive them. So my driver was at hamilton first thing following morning. He got unloaded with no issues. We found out the problem was the melons were imports from mexico and no telling how old they were. The warehouse people in hamilton said they are use to this and they would rework them and find another buyer.

So at this point my driver had lost a full day of revenue earnings to the truck ,paid appx $35 in tolls,missed his good backhaul home. We agreed this is trucking and lets move on. I sent a email request to will holten the broker and vp of longship a bill for $500.00. He has ignored me and refused to answer a request for a new confirmation. I have been in the trucking business for 30 years my driver brian for 20 plus. We have hauled hundreds of loads of watermelons and deal with c@s warehouses thru out the country and here in jacksonville fl multiple times a month. We certainly understand the flo of the paperwork and how the whole process works. Will holton thru logan a couple days after he continued to ignore me said will holton was using the excuse of improper paperwork on ny. Could not be further from the truth. The melons were rotton at no fault to our trucking company.

Very few times in my carreer have i actually not been paid by a broker. Maybe iam fortunate. I will not use longship ever again. I would not reccommend to my other friends in the trucking business to do so either. This is the first outscam i have ever filed. This has just rubbed me so wrong,where a bad broker took advantage of us. I realize its only $500.00, but it is money we are rightfully owed.

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