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M.CO Beauty Boutique

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Address 106 Cumberland Street, 3rd Floor
Phone 647-428-1315

M.CO Beauty Boutique Reviews

  • May 18, 2017

I purchased a groupon for laser hair removal, becuase I was looking for a place near Yorkville. I was worried when I got there, because the owner, Marina Tstatskina, does not even have a sign outside. The technician had no idea what they were doing and completely burned and destroyed my skin! I asked for a refund, since I was actually injured and obviosuly did not want to come back. Marina refused and denied all responsibilty. Then she told me I better leave before she gets angry and that if I wasn't happy I should go and kill myself. I told her that I would sue her, and she said that I would be sorry if I ever even thought about taking her to court becuase she's not one to mess with. I felt like I was dealing with a gang member.

She actually scared me, and I did some research and I realized that she has a horrible reputation. She changed the name and location of her salon multiple times.

It used to be Length Hair Bar, and before that it was Marina and Co. She has damaged and ripped off many people, and she just keeps on changing things around so she can continue ripping people off. I cannot believe that Groupon would do business with her, she is a criminal and she belongs in jail.

She is a very dangerous person and I want to warn everyone to stay away from her and her "business".

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