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Matthew Smith BNP Paribas

Country United States
State Alabama

Matthew Smith BNP Paribas Reviews

  • Nov 10, 2017

A man named Matthew Smith contacted me on Linkedin saying that he was recruiting for BNP Paribas Asset Management London , the bank company and that he was interested in my profile and suggested to meet for an interview.

I just graduated from University and was looking for a job in finance so I agreed to meet for an interview as it seemed like an excellent opportunity. Matthew Smith set up the meeting in a cafe, which I thought was odd , as I assumed I would get an interview in the office of BNP Paribas.

During the meeting, Matthew Smith kept asking very personnal questions and was kind of touchy feely. i felt really uncomfortable about it , but as I don't have the experience of having done many job interviews, I thought ok, well, he is just trying to test me for the job interview

Few hours later, I received a text from him, saying "you are really cute" , then another one with a picture of him in bed, and he suggested we have a drink together one evening.

I asked him " does it mean that I will get the job?". To which he replied "well it depends on how well we get on..."

I declined his offer and stopped replying to him as I ve understand that he was expecting to get some "sexual favours" from me, this is totally disgusting and inappropriate !!

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