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Ohio Real Estate Auctions

Country United States
State Ohio
City Grove City
Address 1128 Pinnacle Club Dr
Phone 614-233-1243

Ohio Real Estate Auctions Reviews

  • Feb 17, 2017

Engaged Barry Baker - Ohio Real Estate Auctions, for the auction of a parcel of land in Ohio. He seemed proficient with the mechanics of an auction (advertising, signage, property description, etc.), but provided little information on the state of the markets, level of likely interest, prospective buyers, and other such matters, though a good number of inquiries were made.

Given that he has agents over most of Ohio and has been years in the auctioneering business, it was hoped for and expected there would be more feedback about the likelihood of a good auction; however, there was almost no info provided to these questions. Perhaps this should have been the clue that the markets were weak at the time planned for the auction.

Bottom line, the auction was a real disappointment (a bust) with virtually no activity, leaving the client with only a substantial loss for the costs of the auction.

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