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Paramount Property Pros

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 8810 Commodity CR #35
Phone (877)-884-5376

Paramount Property Pros Reviews

  • May 16, 2017

I was contacted by phone to sell my Timeshare at Blue Green Resorts by Paramount Property Professionals. They indicated that the points I had leftover could be converted into 3 weeks of rentals at $1800/per week. Then after I used my points for 2017 they would then come back and sell my points for a minimum of $50.000 dollars.

I tried to call in February and was told that I had to give them more time to rent as I had only received one offer and that offer was for a unit that had already been rented.

I then tried today, May 15, 2017 to contact them and try to recoup my original payment of $1997.50 and each phone number I had was not accepting phone calls....

Marilyn in Massachusetts

  • Mar 21, 2017

I had the same experience as Kim on this site.

Signed a 90 day contract and was "offered" a April rental of my timeshare which is impossible to book 2 months in advance. now that my 90 days are up you cannot reach anyone at the company via calls return messages or emails. this cost me 1295

  • Feb 17, 2017

First off I would like to say they have a sales staff, what they talk about on the phone and what is stated in the contract that they insure is a on line document only seems to be different.

when we were being told about the service that this company provided, seems to be a scam all its own.

now we have been in the time share owners for only about 5 years, and yes, we would like to rent out some of our time to help pay the yearly maintenance fees.

Well here comes Paramount Properties with lie number one. We were told by Paramount Properties that if they could not sell the points any part of them that they would refund our payment after 90 days.

Now everyone knows that you cannot get a reservation in a red season area over night, in fact it takes onward up to 6 to 12 months ahead of time.

Well now here comes the rub, they sent an offer to rent property in the St Petersburg Area for April 2017, which is a High Red, in other words 6 to 12 month ahead of time. This means if you want to rent that facility you need to do it April 2016 the year before.

Now I have no issue with doing the reserve this way ahead of time, but wish this in less than that 6-month time, it is very close to impossible.

Now I decided to call them to get a refund, since this seems to me to be a very large hoax and scam, they transferred my call to a Jenifer Deez, in which they started jumping in how they were not responsible or going to give me any kind of refund.

Upon my discontent, Jenifer started to deflect in the contract and how they have no control over everything, I go to discussed this with her but I was never allowing me to speak, that is without losing my temper and hollering. She spoke just like a someone that has no backing and wants to overrun you with how it is not their fault. The more she argued the madder I became and decided to hang up on her. Though it might have been unprofessional, I find why be professional with a company that is not.

This contract that I signed, was rushed thru quickly, I am not a lawyer, and I find this company knows this, and I must say that I should have known, but was hoping they were legit.

I am very unhappy with this company on both fronts, none professional, and will not honor what they sold. If I only had the recordings of the entire conversation. Seems like I need to invest into a good phone recorder.

My advice is if anyone hears about this company, Run, keep your Money and Run.

And if you hear from any other company like this, I am sure they will do the same as this company, Paramount Properties and others, beware and stay clear.

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