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PartyFowl Pets

Country United States
State Alabama

PartyFowl Pets Reviews

  • Nov 8, 2017

This company is extremely manipulative and cannot be trusted. I ordered duck shoes and a duck diaper. I placed an order on July 12 and they told me it would take up to two months for me to receive it. I waited 3 months, and after receiving no response from 8 emails (and they have NO phone numbers or address listed anywhere online), and finally filed a PayPal dispute. Alex Huen actually responded, profusely apologized, and promised the items were almost done and he would send a free item along with the order. I waited a month, and received nothing. It had now been five months. I then tried to call PayPal to re-open the dispute and lo and behold once you close the dispute you cannot re-open it! So you are out of luck with PayPal and the merchant can continue to scam people out of money. I truly believe this is something that they systematically do that they try to push the deadline so far back that you cannot file a PayPal dispute and then they never intended to ship the items. Do not use this company, they will never send your items. partyfowlpets . com/ what-we-do/

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