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Perennial healthcare

Country United States
State Illinois

Perennial healthcare Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2018

Bad deal

I haven't gotten the bill from my doctor yet but used the prescription card that cost extra with the plan. The medicine was almost twice the cash price with the card at CVS. I used a discount card instead and saved almost half of the cash price. What a scam!

  • Apr 10, 2018

The worst scammers ever

If there was a 0, that is what i would give them. They scam you into the insurance and RX plan and then don't know left from right. when you call for assistance. They answer all your questions when selling yiou as if it were the best insurance available. Seems no hospital or doctor accepts this insurance and it's a PPO? The providers state this company is not a true insurance company and does not pay. You would be dong your own claims and paper work to end up getting NO benefit from them whatsoever just to PAY THEM a premiums. After spending 2 8 hour days trying to get things done and questions answered when I spoke with many providers in hospital and clinics, I called them to get answers and nobody helped you but only transferred you from one person to another and no one new what the hell they were doing. Not even one week and i figured out they are not an insurance. I cancelled immediately and even that took me 8 more hours. If i don't see my return to my account this will definitely go to courts! Despicable to treat the sick and needy in this way!

  • Feb 1, 2018


During open enrollment we were searching for a health insurance plan. We called Blue Cross (so we thought) and received a call back from "them" and the guy on the phone convinced us to go with a different insurance plan that was being offered through CHUBB. He said the rates were way lower because they don't offer pregnancy or substance abuse services with this plan. We were told it was a PPO. He had all the right answers to the questions that we asked about co-payments, benefits, labs, wellness, coinsurance, etc.. Now that we actually had to attempt to use this so called insurance we find out that it's a TOTAL scam and is NOT insurance. It's supposedly a medical discount program. Even if that's what it is, it only took $20 off of our daughters doctor visit and our doctor couldn't get ahold of the company on her second visit. So we lost over $1200 to premiums, just to get $20 off of our doctor bill (which still had us playing $90 for visit). We can't get ahold of "them" to cancel so we had to get a new credit card issued to stop future charges. Now we are screwed because it's out of enrollment time and we don't have a qualifying life changing event so are now forced to get short term medical insurance up until the next open enrollment time. Which means every three months we have to get a new short term policy.

STAY AWAY from anything that uses;




MultiPlan Limited Benefit Plan

I don't know how these people can sleep at night and how companies like this are allowed to be in business.

  • Jan 6, 2018

Does not qualify as medical insurance. No major medical coverage. Was convinced i was covered with no deductible to meet and that my doctor accepts it which they won’t, nor will they file claims for have patient. It is not even recognized by the providers i was told would recognize it. I’m only out the initial $500 to enroll but i cannot recuperate it because the 30 cancellation policy period had elapsed. I am retired and on a fixed income. I don’t know what to do now as healthcare through government enrollment period expired. I had very little time to compare policies. I was duped

  • May 20, 2018

Same Thing

They did the same exact thing to me. We need to sue these people.

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