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Public Power, LLC.

Country United States
State Connecticut
City Norwalk
Address 535 Connecticut Ave
Phone 1-888-354-4415

Public Power, LLC. Reviews

  • Mar 18, 2017

I signed up for Public Power a few months ago for a 4 month energy rate of around 5 cents per kWh. They sent me an email and notified me of the information and when service would begin. The contract also mentioned that after the 4 months, if nothing was cancelled, I would be reenrolled into another contract.

That was fine with me since their rate was fantastic and who wouldn't want to get the best deal. I just got my electri bill from Eversource and it showed that my rate went from 5.27 cents kWh to 10.78 cents per kWh! This is absolutely insane. My rate more than doubled, extended my contract, and now it includes a $50 cancellation fee, which my original contract did not have.

The current Eversource rate is 7.67 cents kWh. Believe it or not, Public Power is offering rates as low as 4.99 cents kWh. This is even lower than the one I signed up for. How can a company more than double their customer's rate, put them in a contract, and allow this contract to include a $50 cancellation fee.

It does not make any sense at all. That is a terrible business practice.

I just called and spoke with a rep who said they would NOT change the rate on my last bill at all. They would NOT change the new rate to less than 6.99 cents kWh (6 month contract with $50 cancellation fee). They would not allow me to cancel without a $50 fee. They did NOT email me with any of this, but sent letters to the address, which I didn't receive sice I moved 2 months ago but stll trying to sell the house. I also doubt the letters said the new rate would be more than double the current rate.

Recommendation: 1. Do not use Public Power. 2. To anyone considering using Public Power as an alternative energy company, make sure you cancel ASAP once the contract is up, otherwise you will get ripped off like I did. Ripped off once on my rate. Ripped off a second time on having to pay a $50 cancellation fee because I did not like my new rate.

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