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Country United States
State Alabama
City Fairfield
Phone (682) 200-6675

Railjobhub Reviews

  • Feb 17, 2017

The pose as a job recruiter for the railways nation wide. If you grt on their site, it looks professional at first. But if you look, there are no numbers for customer service. There are no number you csn call if you have trouble. They tell you it costs $39 for registration and gaurentee you a job. They say within 90 if you have no job they will refund you. When you call it is also un-proffesional. They have a good story. But its all crap to trick you. One thing they did to me, they "ttook down my information" and then "emailed me personal contact information incase i had questions" and "set me up a user name and password" for the site they give you, which is and the log in doesn't work. Your email address is not recognized. So i called them, thinking maybe some information was mis understood. They said they needed the name of the recruiter who set me up. It was then i realized that the recruiter never said their name.

So i told them that, they said "well they are the only one with your information and we need their name" okay, a legit company would have your information in a system and any recruiter could help you with it. Also, they would hang up on you like this girl did me, and further more when i asked if there was a different number i could call, she said they will all tell you the same thing. Then hung up. So i got scammed, lost $39, and cannot get it back. I am filing this report so that hopefully other people can avoid it, and not lose the money I did.

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