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Rainier View Construction & Roofing

Country United States
State Washington
City ​Enumclaw
Address 1725 Garrett St #1
Phone 253-833-4663

Rainier View Construction & Roofing Reviews

  • Mar 17, 2017

1. Claimed to be members of professional organizations when in fact they are not, specifically the BBB and Kitsap Building Association.

2. I do not know if they completed the work as I never signed or received anything stating they did the work on this day, used the product I paid for, etc.

3. Roofing is leaking in the exact spot that it was before, when I called to speak with the project manager Don he would not answer and instead text message me stating those leaks are caused by the other roof and not his roof. He was very rude and then proceed to text abusive verbiage to me

4. They are unwilling to even look at or honor any warranties on labor and product. I don't even know what product they used on my roof.

5. All but 1 phone number on there website is disconnected, the only working number on there site goes to voicemail.

6. I feel I have been taken advantage of and they knew the product i.e. roof they where selling me wouldn't work for my home an yet they sold it to me anyway, this is fraud.

7. Project Manager Don is rude and abusive texting me "little chicken s***" when questing him about the lifetime warranty and my disapproval of work.

Please protect your self, Don now admits he knew that the roof leaks would not be fixed by reroofing this section of my house. They are a fraud company that will say anything to get your money.

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