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Resource Dynamics

Country United States
State Florida
City Saint Petersburg
Address 901 34 th Ave N
Phone 727-367-1020

Resource Dynamics Reviews

  • May 19, 2017

Rick Kurtz goes around to real estate offices pitching this snakes oil presentation about a program called "The Solution" this program is suppose to be 100% Guaranteed to produce results in your buisness and if it doesn't he promised a 100% refund along with $100 to top it off.

After attending the two day seminar and listening to all the hip of what this program promised to do. I returned to my home town and office and put into place several items they provided to do what they claimed to work. In the seminar Rick clearly stated that we might not use all the items but just a few that fit our personality and style and will get results.

They attempt to lead you to believe that their program is all it takes to work yet they are selling two other services along with that actually is used by every presenter there and they give very detail reasons as to why the other two programs make their system "The solution" work.

So with that you need to purchase the 1-800 number along with the website Real Pro in order to capture the buyer/sellers information when they call or visit your site.

The only provided you with a binder full of flyers with a cd of the flyers so you can personalize with your information.

This program at no point mentions or shows you how to grab the buyers attention or the sellers attention. Presenting flyers only doesn't not get you in front of prospects.

This is no more than a creative flyer course with a capturing service system via 1-800 number and website.

You are told to use the program for 90 days. Do their activities and if after 90 days you are not satisfied and didn't get the results guaranteed you will get a refund as noted above.

Well I did the program and followed the activies along with doing their 25 questionnaire that is provided by one of the presenters Rand Smith to whom hyped up everything and appeared in the questionnaire to take it personally that his system that he claims is his baby didn't work. The only think he wanted to hear is it worked and anything else stated means I didn't work the system.

After going through their song and dance they denied my refund. They do not guarantee anything and their word means nothing.

Rick Kurtz is going around the state and country selling this false claim of success. In a down market they are scammers no different then when the banks did wrong.

Stay away from this company. I'm in the process of generating a campaign to clearly not the program and send the flyers and program information to all to see what a scam this is. Will be out shortly to offices in my area and all on my facebook who wants it so they are not scammed by this company.

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