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Richard Bodsworth

Country United Kingdom
State Scotland
City Edinburgh
Address 314 Leith Walk
Phone 0758-021-4120

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  • Nov 11, 2017

Way back in the summer of 2017, I paid £200 on Indiegogo, as part of a campaign for a short Blade Runner type film called Glitch. The director (Richard Bodsworth) claims he changed my donation to a perk as it was a generous offer, when it was supposed to be for a perk anyway. He emailed me in August to say he would be in touch soon. I explained to him that I have anxiety and autism, and need somebody to go with me to the shoot. He seemed fine about this.

I'm not sure if I said some other stuff that perhaps put him off, like with me going on about honest things about the heartache I went through with my former support personnel, but he constantly fobbed me off about this film for over 3 months, and then I saw it was in post-production like a month ago, then reading as completed, and advertised elsewhere. Clearly, the shooting went ahead, as there was a ton of updates on social media and even a group photo of those who took part, with various contributors saying it was finished, yet I was never even updated or invited to the shoot at all, nor was I kept in the loop, beyond a pile of excuses about technical faults, even though things were fine on the Twitter feed.

Eventually, Richard made more excuses amid some rather worrying and also infrequent contact. He also denied that the film was completed and that somebody must have somehow tampered with the film's entry, which I suspect is false. He did refund my money, which is really strange, because he must have just kept it aside. Please stay well away from this unprofessional, lying, snake in the grass. I was suckered in by the sound of this film, as I'm a big horror film fan, but I do not advise anybody use "crowdfunding" type websites any more, as there's no consumer protection and only their word, which is meaningless. A complaint was also lodged with Film Edinburgh, as I feel this man is totally untrustworthy and a con artist. He also tried to guilt-trip me by saying he had written a part specifically for me, which is also complete rubbish. Stay away from this money grabbing thief, and avoid Kickstarter or Indiegogo charity cases too. And I used my Bank of Scotland account to pay for this so-called perk

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