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Sanford Temperature Control, Inc.

Country United States
State Alabama
City Milford
Address 96 Old Wilton Rd.
Phone (603) 769-3956

Sanford Temperature Control, Inc. Reviews

  • May 19, 2017

They refuse to itemize your estimate, so all you see is total cost, and potential rebates. Red flag right there. What are they hiding that they REFUSE to itemize? I got a quote for $17,000 to install a whole home ac mini split. I have a friend in the business, and was all ready aware of what my chosen equipment would cost. $4300. Add another grand for materials (high side guess) and I'm at $5300. One day of labor for two installers, let's say $3000. So I'm at $8300 . I understand a company needs to make a profit, but $8700 is a bit much, and makes me wonder how many uninformed consumers out there have been swindled by this greedy company? Then they push the rebate button, saying you could potentially receive $1350 between the vendor, and my electric company. But I'm still paying $8700 over the norm, but their salesman is so good, he makes you feel like he's doing me a favor, and stresses the urgency as rebate funds only last so long. I had to tip my hat, but still, buyer be warned. Do your homework. Look up the prices yourself. Do not get suckered by a sweet talking well dressed family business.

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