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Secured Capital Funding Group, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Walnut Creek
Address 675 Ygnacio Valley Road
Phone (925) 935-1566

Secured Capital Funding Group, Inc. Reviews

  • May 19, 2017

Chris Hantz of Secured Capital Funding Group, Inc. was a partner of Ed Hanes of (now, if you eneter that address it redirects to

Ed Hanes was paid $8500.00 for a Credit Privacy number with seasoning of 3 trade lines and a shelf-corp with the same. He botched the Credit Privacy Number, and then passed me on to Chris Hantz for the Corporate seasoning.

From August 2006 to the present (5/10/07) I've been dealing with Chris Hantz of Secured Capital Funding Group.

My Corporation's Paydedex was supposed to be completed in 90 days...about October 2006. It wasn't.

He finally completed the corporate profile in February 2007. Then demanded $500 more to add 2 trade lines. My 4 year-old corporation already had a paydex of 80, but the credit I was able to garner with it was a fraction of what was promised - $3500 on a Home Depot Mastercard that was supposed to have a $25,000 limit with no personal guarantee. Hence the need for more trade lines.

A matter of days afterwards, when the new trade lines were added, the Corporate file was red-flagged by Dun and Bradstreet. This meant that I'd paid good money for a service and the maintenance of virtual offices and phone numbers for 6 months for nothing. A 4 year-old seasoned corporation is worth $3500 easily...and the cost of virtual offices (2) and phone numbers for 6 months is easily over $4000.

His response was literally "Sorry, Will, you're f***ed."

His answer was to create a new CPN (credit privacy number) and then use that as a personal guarantee on the corporation. I found all this out on February 22, 2007.

After checking and checking for the tradelines on the CPN, and never seeing them, He claimed that I could pull the report on 4/22/07. I did. It was blank.

He then claimed that it would take "2 weeks...2 weeks". Same thing 2 weeks later.

Today is May 10th, 2007...almost a year after I paid Ed Hanes and Chris Hantz. I now have nothing to show for it. I'd been patient for a good long while, and just confronted Chris Hantz of Secured Capital Funding Group Inc., and was threatened.

He threatened to ruin my credit for life, admitted that he hadn't created a new CPN, and then warned me to look after my son. This from a 25 - sometimes claims to be a 28 year-old con-man. He can be very threatening when confronted. And in a moment of confidence, he confide that Hantz was not his real name...I believe its Petronakis...

He also claimed that Chao Mei, who the business shows as being owned by (, has a brother in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and that thats how he really adds the trade lines. More than likely he pays the outsourced customer-service department of Dun and Bradstreet a few thousand rupees, and they do their thing - adding trade lines and adjusting reports with no one's notice. That is, until one's done it a few hundred times and used the same tradelines and addresses a few hundred times.

I already contacted Dun and Bradstreet to report the fraud and get an investigation done.

There are other businesses on the web that I've researched, and unfortunately, the lion's share - that is most - use Chris Hantz to complete these services of CPNs and corporate paydex scores. Chris Hantz had his aapendix removed in February 2007 just after he ruined my corporate credit file, and I'd called around to see if anyone could fix it.

Everyone I found, ultimately used Chris Hantz of Secured Capital Funding Group, Inc. including Trent L**. I found this out because I mentioned that the guy I had used had ruined my corporation's profile just went into hospital because of a burst appendix. That's when Trent L** said "Whoa, his name isn't Chris is it?" I confirmed that it was and then 15 minutes later got a call fro Mr. Hantz apologizing for messing my file up and asking me not to mention his name.

Well, I've had enough of his lies. Chris Hantz of Secured Capital Funding Group, Inc. is a venal little con-man of the lowest order and worst type. You deal with Secured Capital Funding Group, Inc. at your own risk as he's the "go-to" person there. I found out yesterday that the new CPN had never been filed, and that I was merely pulling a blank credit file. This was told me first-hand by Chris Hantz who'd consistently lied to me after destroying the corporation I'd bought and paid for.. So he led me on and led me on when he hadn't done a damned thing.

If this is editable, I'll be posting a link detailing phone numbers (call logs) and emails from both Ed Hanes and Chris Hantz.

Before you even bother with a credit privacy Number or Corporate Seasoning get an agreement from who or whatever offers the service, pay an attorney to view the agreement, and only if he or she approves, move ahead.

Don't give any of these sons of whores (son of a b***h is too good the likes of this one) a penny unless you have a lawyer - a good one - to verify things. You'll likely need one.

Otherwise, you'll just get manoevered and screwed.

He even claimed a death in family after finding out that I'd lost my mother as a justification for his delays.

If you've dealt with him and you gave him money, get a lawyer. do not speak with him, just get a lawyer. I honestly don't know what hell spawned this cretin, but I do know you'll regret trusting him. Confront him, but through any attorney. Otherwise, he'll try to twist and use you for his own ends. Maybe

There doesn't seem a to be a short-cut to credit, personal or otherwise thats really effective. These whores know this, and are more than ready to prey upon your desperation. Don't let them.

I trusted Ed Hanes and Chris Hantz, and my life has totally suffered for it. Do what you want, but if you deal with either of these, it'll be your a*s not mine.

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