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Specialized Loan Servicing LLC

Country United States
State Colorado
City Littleton
Address P.O. Box 630147
Phone 1-800-315-4757

Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Reviews

  • Apr 20, 2017

SLS sent us a letter informing us that they moved our flood insurance premiums to an escrow account and we owed them $635 to get the account up to date. This is the first time we heard of this since we have had the loan for over a year. In all fairness, this is the 4th company that has owned our loan, however, we were not informed of this requirement by any of the other lenders. Our flood insurance is paid in full and we specifically asked not to have any type of escrow accounts when we originated the loan. We do not want an escrow account and we set money aside every year to pay for all our taxes and insurance. The company refuses to budge on this point, even though they are not escrowing for anything else.

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