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Steve Repetti & Radweb Technologies LLC

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Hendersonville, Tullahoma & Nashville
Address 3560 Tyree Springs Road Hendersonville, Tennessee
Phone 954-817-9184

Steve Repetti & Radweb Technologies LLC Reviews

  • Apr 20, 2018

Warning: victims of steve repetti of radweb technologies, and, speak!

Interviews with insiders from the brt/5g/affirmative insurance/zude (2001-2010) scam, give the inside details.

We are writing an expose on steve repetti of radweb technologies inc. and finding all these past reports about steve repetti on the scam report, /link removed/ have been an invaluable source of factual information.

As part of our investigation about his nashville activities, we were tipped to reach out to past employees and partners of steve repetti from 5g/brt/affirmative insurance/zude to learn the truth. The court order removing steve repetti as an officer and director of brt can be found here on wikipedia en. Wikipedia.Org/wiki/file:steve_repetti_court_ordered_removal_as_officer_%26_director_of_brt. Pdf and it was the starting point for my investigation.

The people involved here and elsewhere, have asked to remain anonymous for their protection, so we have honored their request. We have decided to pre-emptively post these quotes as a warning to anyone considering doing business with steve repetti, because our editor may decide to kill or shelve the story.

These are some of their "money" quotes that will appear in the potential, upcoming article:

"he wows upfront with the technology and gets everyone excited and shows tremendous progress very quickly to get you hooked. He then hits you up for more money to finish the project. At that point you still trust him and you give him more money. He then proceeds to do nothing except make more promises, miss deadlines, lie about deliverables and then hit you up for more money again. If you give him the money he keeps working on it but it is always on the 5 yard line. If you don't give him money, he shelves your project and finds a new sucker to work on and spends the money. I saw him do it over and over."

"i wanted to file a report with the state about his activities but my partners just wanted to move on."

"he showed me his $5 million dollar disk. The binder of code, binder of technical stuff, the binder of operations. He showed it all to us."

"Redacted) knows where all the bodies are buried. He would drop steve repetti in a heartbeat if he could find an alternative."

"i left work Brt) every day thinking, i need to take a shower because i feel dirty."

"he is a snake oil salesman. He lies about everything and misrepresents everything."

"i don't understand why the irs hasn't put him away. He stole payroll taxes."

"steve stole shareholders money"

"steve was stealing money from the company to pay off his irs bills."

‘the technology and steve's talents were greatly exaggerated and the technology in particular was never stable enough to work in a production environment."

"every deal we got into with steve blew up."

"we had the best investors you can imagine, seasoned people were taken."

"anybody that has ever done business with steve has ended up regretting it."

"he is always looking for new sucker investors"

"the "repetti hover". The repetti hover is when you hover the cursor over a button and something appears to happen but nothing is actually clicked. It's all fake and for show."

"steve has left many, many people in a terrible state, financially and emotionally. I once rented a meeting room at Redacted) to accommodate a 50 person meeting to discuss dealing with steve - all people hurt by him."

"he was caught in numerous lies in various depositions and we should be able to find the details in a search"

"putting him in jail is a good goal."

The reason why steve repetti of radweb technologies,, and can keep getting away with it emotionally and otherwise can be best summarized by this victim's painful statement:

"steve sucks the life out of you. He is a sociopath. Not like dealing with any normal human being at all."

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