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Storm Assist, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida

Storm Assist, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 12, 2017

On September 6, 2017 I responded to an ad on Craigslist for storm restoration work in Florida. I man named Ron Wolfbauer emailed me back and we started talking. The ads they were posting was under the sales jobs and it was for a sales position after hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The ad stated they were looking to hire immediately and there was a guarantee of $400 per week plus commissions. They also stated that the sales reps would be paid 100% commission once the owner received their first ACV Actual Cash Value check.

Ron Wolfbauer stated to me that the field managers would be paid upon the insurance adjuster evaluating the claim and the homeowner approving the price and we didn't have to wait for the owner to get the first check. He also said most of the homeowners would have checks and so we would be able to close a sale faster.

When I got to Florida after a month of waiting everything changed, the company was now going to withhold 30% commission unless we could get the homeowners to pay the deductible and under a hurricane claim the deductibles are different then a regular claim.

They could range from 1-5% of the home and many owner couldn't come up with that amount and it clearly stated in their ad they paid 100% commissions with no hold back.

The ad stated there was a $1,000 signing bonus for people with door to door sales which I had and gave him references and testimonials stating my ability regarding this. He made a statement to the effect he just puts that in there to get people experienced with door to door sales.

Once in Florida I emailed asking about the $1,000 and weekly guarantee and got no response. I told Ron Wolfbauer I only had enough money for my hotel that week and needed money he never responded. I even titled pawned my car because I know the business is there and under the compensation plan that was advertised and we spoke about prior to me going to Florida I would be able to cover the payment. He said that’s not his problem go out and make sales.

I've been in sales my whole life and in this industry for awhile, I consider myself one of the top producing salesman and my sales track record proves it. So making sales wasn't a problem I wasn't about to work for months and then have them keep my money like they did when I quit.

One of the other field managers had no money and was sleeping in his car and Ron never gave hime a cent and knowing let him sleep in his car while he was in his oceanfront room.

I did my due diligence on the company but the thing is theirs a company called who are actual storm chasers and a nonprofit organization and Ron Wolfbauers company website was so I though thy were the same company and couldn't find anything negative on his company.

After being lied to and broke in Tampa Florida I started to research Ron Wolfbauer and storm assist together and I found out Ron Woldbauer had a company called Storm Angels that was shut down and fined in Minnesota in 2015. Know it made sense why Storm Assist was in his son Travis Wolfbauer name here is the BBB link to his other company. . I the found another article about him online and before anyone listens to his lies I would highly suggest goggling this paragraph "Ron Wolfbauer International Strategic Assets".

Once the General Contractor found out about his previous dealings he said he pulled out of the partnership. He also said he never gave Ron Wolfbauer or Storm Assist to put his company’s logo on his website.

Ron never offered me any compensation for my time, money, lodging or the sales I made. I told him I was trying to blackmail and/or extort him for money because I told him I will expose his Misleading and deceptive business practice so this doen't happen to anyone else if he didn't pay me my money. The said thing is he has people flying in to Florida one guy is driving his recreation vehicle from Minisota and paying $40 a night. Whoever joins this company is in for a rude awakening I'm a seasoned sales guy and he got me. There are many legitimate storm restoration companies out there I'd suggest go and talk to them before you agree to work with Storm Assist and Ron Wolfbauer and Travis Wolfbauer.

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