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Stuart Drossner

Country United States
State Florida
City Aventura
Address 3225 NE 184th St
Phone 305-502-1717

Stuart Drossner Reviews

  • May 19, 2017

I moved to Miami a couple of months ago, even thought the real estate market is not so good at the moment, I still wanted and needed to buy house and settle in. I was sitting in a restaurant having a coffee one day and was talking to a friend of mine on the phone telling her how I want to buy a place. As soon as I hang up I was tapped on the shoulder, I turned around and a young man started speaking to me, telling me he was a realtor, and that he can find me a house.

His name was Stuart Drossner. The next day he started to show me around, I am kind of new here and that is why I am not too familiar with anything in South Florida. Plus I was not too familiar with purchasing properties in general, because this would have been my first time buying a home, I rented my whole life.

I was shown by Mr. Drossner several properties, and finally he showed me one which I wanted to put an offer. We wrote the offer and I wanted to put 1,000 dollars down at signing and Mr. Drossner insisted I put 5000. I told him that I don't have 5000, so he told me to find someone and borrow, I called my dad and he gave me the 5000 dollars cash.

Stuart required that I bring him a cashier check or certified check that day. But the 5000 would have taken a few days to clear with the bank I was using, and because of this i couldn't get him a cashier check that day. So I called my dad and told him to get me a cashier check instead but he told me he needs to go out of town, so to wait until next week.

So Mr. Drossner told me he had an idea. He told me to just give him the 5000 dollars cash and he would go get me a certified check form his own personal bank account, because according to him he had funds. I told him I couldn't do that and he insisted and told me if I would delay I would loose the property.

I thought about it and decided to say ok, I put in the offer, gave to him 5000 dollars cash, I called him a few hours later and he said he submitted the offer and turned in the cashier check.

Ever since that day he hasn't answered the phone for me, I called and called and he don't answer, I even call from blocked numbers but when he would hear my voice he hang up. I called his office and they said there is no record of the money nor the offer, and they said they would speak to him about it and call me back tomorrow.

The next day his office called me back and they told me they spoke to him and he flat out denies it, I went there in person and I saw him and he even lied to me in my face by claiming he didn't even know who I am. I call the police and they told me its out of their hands and it's a civil matter.

My friend introduced me to another realtor and we contacted the owner of the house that I put the offer on and we found out Mr. Drossner never even submitted him my offer. Mr. Drossner just took my money and ran,

I complained to every department in the world but he just keeps denying it. Stuart L. Drossner shouldn't be a realtor he needs to be in jail. He is a criminal, thief, con artist.

  • May 19, 2017

Recently Stuart Drossner helped me in looking for a home to buy. Like Lopez it was the first time i was looking to buy a house. I wanted to make an offer on a house that i liked and Stuart insisted that I give him a deposit of $2000 in cash and not by check. This sounded suspicous to me. So i turned to the internet to try to check his credentials and i found this blog, i am glad i did that because if i hadn't i would have paid him the $2000. I am getting the impression that he likes to cheat first time homebuyers that are naive. The troubling situation with our economy is leading some of the American people to take advantage of others.

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