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Tracy Mix

Country United States
State Colorado
City Fort Collins
Phone 970-690-8232

Tracy Mix Reviews

  • May 18, 2017

Tracy Mix puts herself out there as a QHHT pratiitioner trained by Dolores Cannon for past life and in-between life regressions. before i paid her, i informed here that i didn't think i could be hypotized, due to anxiety and the fact that i haven't been able to meditated for some time now. She assured me that that shouldn't be an issue. She repeatedly told me that I didn't have to do anything, that she could hypotize me by bringing in her engery, and that it had been 3 yrs since she wasn't able to hypotize someone. the session was supposed to be 3-4 hrs long, she gave up after just over an hour. then told me that she would try again in a week in a half free of charge (not really free, i paid her and she couldn't follow through with what she promised), and that she has never failed the scond time with anyone. a few weeks later, she told me she didn't want to waste her time trying again, if i couldn't meditate or relax, than she wouldn't be able to do hypotize me. [continued below]....

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