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Unifund CCR, LLC

Country United States
State California
City Blue Ash
Address 10625 Techwood Cir
Phone (513) 489-8877

Unifund CCR, LLC Reviews

  • Feb 17, 2017

Unfund CCR, LLC have Attorney's from Blitt and Gaines, P.C. suing me for debt that I truly believe is not my debt. They have put a judgement against my house for the amount and I was not notified of the court hearing and never received a letter of the judgement. I found out over a year later from my bank when I was trying to do a loan that there was a judgement against me. Neither the attorney nor Unifund has tried to contact me for payment of any sort and placed a freeze on my checking account which the court did release the freeze. I tried to fight the case in court but it had been too long since the judgement had been placed on the account. The process server never served me and is stating he did. This man served me on another matter with these same attorneys and I went to that court hearing and won that case because once again it was not my debt just like I believe this case is not my debt. The server said they take GPS lotions and pictures of the house when they serve someone but he never produced the info when he said he would provide it. There is no record of this debt on my credit report which could mean I'm correct and it’s really not mine or its passed the Statue of limitations. I have been a victim of fraud at least 5 times that I can remember since 2007. Before appealing the judgement I called the Attorney's office several times but got nowhere with their office.

Also just recently (today) searched Unifund CCR, LLC for their contact info and realized they are not located in IL. I thought they had to be located in IL to collect debt on someone in IL?!?

I have no record of this credit card anywhere and there are no signed receipts by me produced at any of the hearings on this case when I asked repeatedly for them. They did send me one page of a statement on Saturday February 4th, 2017 right before the hearing on Monday February 6th, 2017 that showed my name and address but that doesn't mean it's my card. I would think in order for someone to get a card in my name my address would need to match my social security number so the scammer would use my current address. All the times of the fraud activity I've had of the years I've had my cards with me or in a safe place when the hackers used my info and they even had packages sent to other places than my house, even different states. I have honestly searched ever record in my house and I do not have anything with that account number on it. I have checked with all three credit bureaus and there isn't an account number that matches the account listed by Unifund. When I ask the credit bureaus if it was possible for that account to be dropped off and they said not unless it was more than 7 years old.

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