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William Scott Carlton

Country United States
State Alabama
City Sylacagua
Address 701 Lang Road

William Scott Carlton Reviews

  • May 18, 2017

This man called me on April 29th offering his painting services. I had did some small damage and over painting on a section of wall in my computer room. He and his associate came into my home and inspected the wall and told me he could fix the wall and repaint it.

After some discussion he asked me if I wanted the whole room painted as if he painted only one wall the color would not match the rest of the room. He offered to paint the room in the color of my favorite sports team in which I agreed. He said the job would take around four hours.

We made two seperate trips to the Russel do it center to get the paint which cost me $ 32.69. First he said it would take one coat, but then said it needed two. After a few hours he told me he needed to go back to Sylacauga and get some more equipment, but he forgot his wallet and needed some gas to get back home.

We drove to the local Texaco station and I put $40.00 worth of gas in his SUV plus bought him a pack of cigarettes and a gallon of tea. He said he would take it off of the invoice when the job was done. The room looked awlful but he reassured me the room would look great upon completion. He offered me a complimentary pressure wash of my driveway. He said it was to smooth things over because while he was painting the walls he got blue paint all over my ceiling and had to repaint it.

The following day he and his associate were four hours late and his excuse was he had gotten lost and could not find the house. The thing that I found odd is he knew where the Russell do it center was and he took a road to get there that I wasnt even aware of. As I left for work he told my wife that he had to go and pick up his son and he would return the following day at 2:00 p.m. That is when my wife texted me saying he requested a check for $30.00. She said she didn't have a check and he replied well I guess we will figure something out.

When I returned home that Monday moring the room was in shambles. Paint all over base boards and carpet. Paint all over and in the electrical outlets. Streaks all over the walls and a huge gash on the ceiling and damage to one baseboard. I called him several times and he would not answer my calls or texts.

When he and his associate finally showed up around 2:30 p.m. I asked the see his identification because I didn't believe he was who he said he was. He started to pull out his wallet and I told him if he didn't do it the police were going to be involved. He put his wallet back in his pocket and said go ahead and call them.

After the police arrived I showed the them the room and told them I wanted him off of my property. Apparently he told the officer that I was holding his equipment and I wouldn't return it. That wasn't the case. I took his property and put it in my garage until the police arrived.

If this man calls you or comes by your home offering his services just hang up the phone or close the door. He is nothing but a scam artist. He took my brand new home and destroyed my room and it cost me $337.00 to hire a real painter to fix the mess that he made. In fact the new painter said it made him mad that someone like this person did something like this because it makes the rest of the profession look bad. It took me a week to clean the paint that he and his associate tracked all over my house and doors.

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