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Country Germany
City Berlin
Address Wartenberger Stra├če 24
Phone 030-978-97897

WinCar-Autotrader Reviews

  • Oct 11, 2017

This website was created to serve as a warning to anyone who is about to do business for the 1st time with also known as wincar autotrader or Christian Salinger. When you decide to order new cars from these exporters they will ask you to deposit 10% of the amount of your sales invoice. Once this company gets your deposit, they will disappear and ignore all your attempts to contact them. For anyone who happens to be lucky to come across this website, you have been save from a lot of headaches and stress.

Please share this information with other car traders to help prevent others from being scammed by this company. Do not, I repeat, Do not do business with managed by Christian Salinger living in Berlin. Their main goal is to get you to give them a deposit of 10% of your order amount. Once, they receive your deposit, they will disappear and you will never hear back from them again, They send Fake order and Fake bank LEtter and LC. They are scamming asian business espically in china .

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