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Wireless Industry Association

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 713-467-0077

Wireless Industry Association Reviews

  • Apr 21, 2017

Last year joined wireless Dealers .com or wireless dealers accocation.. i paid $1k deposit cash into the business account. that means i am a trusted member. i did business with UNIVERS TECH JOSE. HE SOLD ME LCD'S FOR IPHONE, BUT THE LCD'S WERE ALL JUNK AND THE WRONG MODEL.. i sent $14,000 by bank wire i have the record. i UNIVERSE TECH I ASKED JOSE WHY HE SENT ME JUNK LCD'S. HE SAID THE CHINESE CHEAT US ALL THE TIME.. i told him that's my customer!! i lost the buyer and $14,000.. THAT IS HOW YOU GET A BAD NAME BY COMPANIES SELLING JUNK 1800 JUNK IPHONE LCD'S. I CONTACTED BOB HUTSHIONSON OR BOB H. THE OWNER HE IS RUDE AND A LIER HE TOO MY 1K STOPPED MY MEMBER SHIP AND WHEN I TOLD HIM ABOUT UNIVERS TECH HE DID NOTHING.. THIS SITE IS SCAM SINCE 1997.. HE HAS TOOK 5 TO 10 MILLION FROM MEMBERS AND CUSTOMERS.. I WILL FILE A REPORT ON UNIVERSE TECH IN MIAMI JOSE

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