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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Oct 12, 2017

I have recently booked a plan with this company. The reason I have chosen the travel agent is to make the trip convenient for my family. But it was the biggest mistake because the holiday experience was completely spoiled because of

Their sales team will promise you many things but trust me it's just for purpose of sales. The sales team is doing the work only for commissions and will never really care about the well being of the customer who is investing their hard earned money for family vacations. Once the sale is complete the sales agent will never bother about what happens with you on vacation. If you call to sales agent he will not lift the call and then later a customer service agent will give robotic replies to all your queries. "Sorry for inconvenience sir", "we apologize sir" etc etc.

Now coming to my issue the blunder mistake was done by the sales agent. My actual trip was planned from Sept 28th to Oct 2nd in Manali. Then my return flight should have been oct 3rd from Delhi to Hyderabad. Now the sales agent have booked our hotel till Oct 2nd, our return Volvo ticket from Manali to Delhi, If we take the bus on Oct 2nd then we will reach Delhi on Oct 3rd. But the useless sales agent booked the ticket for 2nd Oct from Delhi to Hyderabad. So due to this reason I had to reschedule the flight for 3rd oct by paying Rs 11,390 to Indigo. Now this entire issue was created because of wrong booking was done by the salesperson, now when I call to their support and explain the whole thing they agreed that the mistake was done from their end, but the amount of Rs 11,390 cannot be refunded. Instead of this, they will give me b******* e-cash of Rs 2,000. Which is of no use because I will never use their useless service again.

Many users choose thinking they provide best solutions and convenient options. Trust me they will give you those options which will minimize their cost and maximize their profits. They will give your worst possible options. When I booked for Manali package. They gave me Volvo option from Delhi to Manali, which is the worst journey for 15 hours and make your very tired, Instead of this there is also an option from Chandigarh to Manali which is only 8 hours journey. They will not give you this option because it will cost them more and profit will be less.

One more important point, don't think that or any online agent provide a personalized service. They take a booking from you and forward the booking to a local travel company. On top of the cost given by the local vendor, hotel, flights etc they add their own markup and give a higher quote to you. Once the booking is done and payment is made will only provide robotic replies to you and never resolve any issues. So instead of paying the higher price to them, it's better to book flights, hotels, speak to the local vendor directly and get better service at lower prices.

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