Beauty Empire, Inc.

In October I ordered $186 worth of hair colors from this online store. I waited weeks for the product to arrive and when it did it was not the colors I ordered at all! Just threw a bunch of random colors in a box with no packing materials at all and it was exploded and just a mess. After cleaning them all off and sorting them I found he sent me 1 red that I ordered a 4 of the blue, not the 15 red and 15 blue I placed the order for. I contacted him immediately and asked for a refund. He said he would refund me if I shipped it back. I said I would ship it back if he provided a shipping label since this was his mistake not mine. He did send a label and I shipped it back the next day. Then I waited until after I could see by the tracking number that he did indeed have the package and had time to refund me. But he said paypal was holding his money and he’d refund me over the weekend. That was weeks ago. I currently have an escalated case before paypal because he won’t even respond to them. Run from this store!!

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