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Who are Philip Moreb and Phillip LaRocca and what do they want?

You may know and associate the aforementioned names among some of the well known and respected figures of the hemp related product industry. Still, for those that are unaware: the formal introduction of Philip Moreb and Phillip LaRocca is that they are the decorated CEO and President respectively at Cartel Blue. The company is listed on OTC under the ticker symbol CRTL and is one of the known manufacturers of eco-friendly hemp apparel and hand rolled hemp cigars.

Moreb and LaRocca are the leading faces of the company and are known for their extensive resumes and experience in relevant industries. Philip Moreb is no less than the Jesus of marketing to his fans, and Phillip LaRocca is a retired judge, which unfortunately paints him in noble colors. But let me introduce you to the real version of CEO Moreb that most people fail to notice beyond the glamor: that he is a lying scammer. President LaRocca backs his lies and fools investors wishing to invest in CRTL. The duo are scammers, cheating conmen that have scammed a long list of investors under Cartel Blue’s banner.

Falling for CEO Moreb’s well planned lies

Over the years of scamming, he has perfected his art of scamming which combined with Cartel Blue’s reputation as a listed company makes the perfect trap. We were fooled by the President and CEO Cartel Blue duo just like that and realized way too late.

Because we only ever heard of him in positive words as the celebrated CEO of Cartel Blue, we had no reason to doubt Philip Moreb or LaRocca, but the two used it to make us invest the maximum amount, only to take off with it

The nightmare continues: aftershocks of getting scammed by Philip Moreb

The realization started to sink in little by little soon after the share purchase went through. To us, we had invested in a soon-to-be break through directly through the CEO and President and nothing could go wrong. The possibility of getting scammed might have been more evident to us had we been investing through an agent, but these very top executives of the company. On top of that, both of them are well known and respected as experienced professionals and as logical as it was, it would have seemed insulting in our happy go lucky minds to doubt them back then.

If only we had doubted them and their ‘earnest’ intentions, we wouldn’t have ended up like this. Soon after, Philip Moreb and Phillip LaRocca started to cut off ties, slowly at first and then all at once. On the OTC markets, CRTL seemed to be making no noticeable positive progress, and was actually not looking good. We tried to get in touch with CEO Cartel Blue to our best, but after a while the silent treatment turned into rude remarks and then straight out threats to not contact or inquire about our investment ever again. When we tried to contact other personnel at the company, we were treated like freaks. Long story short, our money was long gone.

Why do Philip Moreb and Phillip LaRocca need to be exposed

CEO and President Cartel Blue Philip Moreb and Phillip LaRocca may seem like respectable and inspiring role models. However, they lack professional morals to begin with and have no regard for anyone. Both have proved time and time again that their greed has no end, which can be testified by many witnesses including ourselves who have been scammed by this shameless duo.

They need to be stopped because their sugarcoating and scamming skills combined with Cartel Blue’s goodwill has brought serious harm to many. Investors tend to trust them because of the involvement of a known company like Cartel Blue and because of their positions in it. Both of them are confident that it is the perfect cover which is why they need to be exposed along with the company that entertains such executives and turns a blind eye to their crimes.. Beware of these scoundrels: Philip Moreb and Phillip LaRocca are out for everything you have!

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