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Complaint: on november 24th 2011 in the afternoon a young man rang my doorbell, i answered and he explained that he was in the neighborhood selling his service for snow removal for the winter season. i didnt get his name but i was interested in snow removal as i am wheelchair bound and my husband works all the time. he then gave me a flyer showing a number to call and all renovation and landscaping services available. the flyer says CQ Improvements, additions and basements, concrete and interlocking Exterior and Interior Jobs. Renovate or Landscape call 905 478 1001 then goes on to say, Your Neighborhood Contractor since 1989 Providing Full Service. then says, painting, plastering, drywall, plumbing, electrical, fences, decks, landscaping, roofing, brickwork, bathrooms and kitchens, seasonal and clean-ups. i called right away at the number provided on the flyer and left a message saying that i was interested in some services he provides and my number and name to get back to me. a man named Dan Greco called back that evening and i discussed with him a issue about basement leaking and i need a sump pump put in. he said no problem and we made arrangements for him to come over when my husband was home and estimate time and cost to dig a hole put in a sump pump and sump pump barrel which we supplied brand new. we arranged for him to come over on november 25th at 2pm. friday november 25th 2 pm Dan Greco was here with my husband and daughter in the basement going through the facts and description of the work and shown the area in which the work will be taking place. he did alot of agreeing and head nodding to my husband as my husband explained everything that needed to be done because my husband is to busy working and wanted this worked done also. my husband asked Dan Greco if he was licenced to do plumbing work and if him and his men were insured and licenced also and he responded… o yes ofcourse we are. my husband and i then proceeded with a estimated time and cost to do this work and discussed 2 days at $350 a day for a total of $700 to do the whole job. this is right since we did build our house and the other sump pump only took us 1.5 days to install that was all stone cutting, digging and instalation. stone fill and concrete finish so we knew how long it takes and the sort of man power needed to do this before we hired Dan Greco and his labourer Bob. Dan proceeded to write out the work order for 2 days at $700 or $350 per day for those 2 days. he added that he remove all material like dirt and concrete from the dig and that my husband will buy all materials needed for the job to be done. Dan also requested the $700 up front for the rental of equiptment like a saw and shop vac and a water pump to drain water coming in during the dig and labour cost and an agreement to start the job with in 2 to 3 weeks as requested by my husband for his convenience to be home during this job to help out if needed. so my husband was givin a written work order for $700 cash deposit my husband gave Dan that day on the 25th of november 2011 for 2 days work to cut stone (concrete) and dig out area for instalation of sump pump and barrel then a stone fill and top concrete when plumbing was installed. Dan also noted that material to be removed from our property to dispose of which my husband and Dan disgussed and agreed to as a part of the cost and to begin on a saturday in 2 to 3 weeks which my husband told Dan he would call him with the best date and time to begin for a weekend. then Dan signed the bottom of the said agreement my husband did not sign it. my husband discussed with Dan a week later to come on december 10th saturday 2011 to start the work and Dan agreed to this. my husband wanted Dan to start the job on the weekend so my husband was home to supervise the work being done. .on 10th of december 2011 Dan spoke to my husband and said he could not start the job on the 11th a saturday of december as was discussed way before hand from my husband to Dan and asked if he could start on monday december 12th because he didnt want to work on the weekends. my husband then agreed to monday december 12th 2011 as the start date and my husband took monday and tuesday off from work to supervise and help with the job. monday december 12th comes and Dan and Bob showed up at 10am with a trailer and supplies. they brought the stuff in the house to the basement to where the work would happen. they were ready to start the saw to cut the concrete area to dig that my husband had suggested to be done. throughout the day i noticed Bob was outside alot for long periods of time my daughter had even commented that while she was busy in and out from home he was always outside smoking and telling her about the weather. another thing was that Dan would just leave Bob here and not come back for a few hrs at a time. no work was getting done unless my husband had time here and there and suggested what needed to be done and the work only got done when my husband was involved. it seemed that Bob the labourer didnt have a clue what to do unless provided guidance and direction from my husband. my husband asked if he knew what to do and Bob responded by saying… oh ya im just feeling a little tired today. after day 1 on the job the work was hardly touched. in 7 hrs that first day on monday december 12th 2011 all they did was cut the hole to dig and remove the concrete and dig very little dirt for a hole. day 2, december 13th tuesday 2011, they were here after 9 am but before 10 and my father said that the hole needed to be finished digging and the plumping installed. Dan agreed and my husband stepped away for a moment after discussing that the job should have been most done on monday and needed to be finished on that day the tuesday. when my husband stepped away to do other things for a moment Dan left Bob again and told him take it slow Bob. he was gone for most of the day and only popped in here and there to check on things. this is when my husband, daughter and i started to wonder about the work ethics of these men and noticed Bob always outside hanging by the trailer smokin and picking his nose alot. no lie! later on that day when Bob came back to asses the situation my husband mentioned that the plumbing work needed to be done and told Dan that the agreement was it would be done in 2 days. Dan didnt say much but did say that he can have all the plumbing in on wednesday if he payed him for one more day at $350. my husband not very happy said he will pay them one more day but that ment the job would be completely finished and gave Dan $350 cash for wednesday december 14th. my husband asked for a reciept for the cash given and Dan said sure and to hold on while he gathered up a few things. my husband said ok and gave him space to remove some materials to pack up for the day. and then left a little while later and didnt give my husband a receipt still. it was forgotten for the moment by my husband but still Dan should have had principle value as a supposed business person to give my husband a receipt. wednesday december 14th 2011 comes and Dan arrives a little after 9am. this day my daughter was asked to be the supervisor for my husband while he had to return back to work. this day all started off with Dan and Bob bringing a second trailer full of junk, backing it up onto a well landscaped yard. my daughter immediately went outside and demanded them to get off the lawn. he argued a little with her and she said i dont care we spend thousands a yr to maintain a perfect lawn and gardens and trees please get off my lawn now! he then proceeded back to his truck and removed truck and trailer off the lawn. i dont understand why he was on my lawn when we have a long driveway fit for 6 large vehicles. Dan and Bob then started to transfer all this junk from one trailer to another for a long time on my driveway. my daughter pushed me in my wheelchair to outside and we both explained that we pay them $44 dollars an hour worked out to $350 a day to work in our basement not to fiddle with garbage they collected from whereever it came from and that we would appreciate if they would now finish up this job. Dan proceeded to say to my daughter and i that they have been working so hard the past 2 days for us. my daughter directly said… for 2 days Dan you have hardly been here to do any work at all and your labourer Bob stands outside smoking and nose picking for most of the day and thats why hardly any work has been done. Dan got defensive and complained the work was hard and his man was actually working very hard. i argued back that how would he know that anything is getting done when your never around Dan!!. my daughter then said that today the job must be and will be finished. she also said no more all day smoke and nose picking breaks on the driveway from Bob and she looked at Bob and said no more messing around. please get this job done today. Dan argued that the work load was hard and long and my daughter proceeded to explain that she has already installed a sump pump from scratch from digging to helping a plumber install and fill the hole and concrete in 1 and a half days so she was telling Dan that the work would get done if your labourer actually did some work. then my daughter asked Dan… Dan are you and your labourer Bob licensed to do plumbing and are you insured. he said aaahhhh and a pause for 2 seconds and said no. i said that he and bob arent even legally qualified to go into someones home and do most trades without licensing or insurance. he didnt know what to say. he then went on to plead to me that he had no money and he was a good person and that he needed to work and then he said that he told my husband that he wasnt licensed or insured. i caught him in his lie because i was there and my daughter when my husband asked the question if he was a licensed plumber and if his men were also. and asked him if he remembered when he told us all his people were licenced and insured. my daughter said she knew they would not give us back our money so she told bob to get digging and to stop messing around and stop with the 100 smoke and nose digging breaks and he ammediately went downstairs to dig. Dan would not talk to us and my daughter said that today they must just dig because the hole wasnt even near dug to put the pump and barrel in yet. at the end of the day at 5 my daughter told Dan and Bob to collect all their things and that they were done for good. i then called 2 reputable, insured and licenced plumbers from the yellow pages to come out for thursday december 15th 2011 afternoon and evening to estimate the remaining of the job. later that wednesday evening Dan called and my husband told my daughter to answer and speak for him on speaker phone so my husband and i couls hear everything being said. my daughter proceeded with Dan. my daughter asked Dan what he wanted and he said that he wanted to know what he did and she explained the lying about being a licenced plumber and his men too and to being insured. he said he told my husband that and i reminded him that i witnessed the opposite and then he whined and begged saying things like im sick with crones and im broke i cant eat and i cant even pay my bills and that he was sorry about Bob his worker for being so lazy and taking advantage of us and paid time and that i had intimidated him because i was firm about having the work done. he then admits to my daughter while we have him on speaker phone to hear everything hes saying that he didnt understand the work and Bob has no experience and that he was sorry for lying about this and trying to use any excuse from medical conditions to being broke to try and get my sympathy and my daughter told him that his work ethics were very misleading, fraudulent and that she wanted the money back. he said he does not have a cent and can try and pay back 100 a month to us then he said he cant pay anything because he doesnt know when he will even have money. my daughter explained the serious amount of laws and fraudulent activities he played on us and he didnt seem to understand his wrong doing. my daughter then said …well if you cant pay my family back their money over $1,150 then i will file a claim with small claims court and see you there. he then hung up. she called him back and he said he was sorry for hanging up and begged to not get him in trouble but my daughter told him that he needed to learn that laws are put in place to protect people from scam and con men like you! and she then hung up the phone. thursday december 15th 2011 the phone rang at 6.30 am my daughter and i both answered a phone. it was Dan so i let my daughter do the talking. he call to beg to not ruin his life by exposing the truth in court and asked again if he could pay 100 here and 50 there untill it was paid. my daughter explained that if he was such a professional business man that he could afford to pay me back in full. just to note also that i was on another phone listening in conference call. my daughter then said that we dont trust him because he is fraudulent and is a scam and con and he then begged and whined saying why are you doing this to me and then got angry and said in a very mad voice… oooh you wait… my daughter cut him off and asked… wait for what Dan, are you threatening my family and i for standing for our rights. he then said he was sorry and didnt mean nothing that he was just feeling the pressure from all this and then he admitted to my daughter that he knows Bob was a lazy worker and that one time he did work for someone and they said he was a fraud also but never went through with the treat to sue him in court. my daughter then said well im not them i stick to my word and Dan i would also like a reciept for the $350 my father gave you on tuesday december 14th for a full day to work on wednesday and to drop it off as soon as possible. she also mentioned that the work order form was a fake company name called QI or Quality Improvements and the 9054784361 number and the 4167219125 numbers were not even in service and he said that was a old business he did back in the day when he lived in toronto. she also mentioned to him that she noticed no address for business on the form to and that every business has to have an address or website in plain view on work orders, invoices and so on because a customer needs to know where to go to for business or to make purchase. he had nothing to say and then cryed asking her… why are you doing this to me …again she explained the rights of a consumer and that Dan needed to learn the law and she said that she would not allow for him to try and destroy other peoples livelyhoods by lying and stealing from other people again. and she then reminded him of the receipt and to do the right thing and deliver one that day. during the day of thursday december 15th 2011 my daughter researched the internet to see all the laws broke by these fake business men aka Dan and others and wasnt surprised that it was many and also found his real address from a reverse phone and address search and also on the BBB websight that Dan Greco has an alert in red that mail from BBB (better business bureau) sent to an old address in toronto on Roehampton Avenue for a Dan Greco was sent back to the BBB as undeliverable and that an old business name Dan had at the time was call QI aka Quality Improvements was now out of business and that infact this business and the current business name CQ Improvements aka Canadian Quality Improvements is an unregistered business and has never been heard of. makes me wonder!! the same business name used on the work order. hmm. at 2.30 pm thursday the 15th he had a man come to my door with an envelope containing another receipt again wrote out on this old business QI or Quality Improvements that included the extra day my husband payed as requested by my daughter. thank goodness. he added on this work order…Notice: client stopped job after all dirt and concrete removed. when in fact thats what we paid to have done but they didnt do much work to begin with to worry about much removal. we talked to a qualified licenced and insured plumber today and he couldnt believe the little bit of work done in 3 days and said 2 days it would have been done. geee go figure didnt we just mention that here earlier. to anyone out there reading this please be advised to not allow anyone into your house to do work from a door to door person representing a unregistered company on a flyer this was a nightmare for us all for 3 days. we were mislead with false representation and misleading information of licence, insurance and registered business practices. fraudulent and were not any of the above said things a regular tradesman contractor would always be before entering into an agreement with a customer to do any home repairs by law.

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Phone: 905-478-1001, 905-478-100

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