Fort Bradley Firearms

This company has stolen my money by not shipping my firearm(layaway paid in full) to the FFL dealer that sent this company their FFL information as they requested. The final layaway payment of $450 was paid on November 23, 2022 at 5:28pm. I’ve asked the company several times for a receipt to show that the firearm has been paid in full. I’ve asked several times if and when will they ship my firearm to the FFL dealer and they won’t respond to my inquiries. When they final responded they basically told me to rescind my BBB complaint that I filed on August 1, 2022 against this company which was about seven months into my firearm lawaway with them because their customer service practices were so unprofessional. Which still holds true, this company tried to coerce me into rescinding my complaint that I filed in August with these exact words that they responded with by email “Third, I am not at all comfortable with this transaction because of you. Before I can ship, you need to cancel the BBB complaint you filed and send me confirmation that it has been rescinded.”

This leads me to believe that they aren’t going to ship the firearm or refund my money. They never sent me a receipt, order number or anything but I do have all the transaction email confirmations that I paid every month from January to November(paid in full $2701.98). I fulfilled my layaway obligation, I even had the FFL dealer sent them their credentials so that there wouldn’t be a delay in receiving my firearm. They are refusing to fulfill their obligation to me as a consumer of their establishment. Attached are the emails proving that they tried to coerce me into rescinding the original complaint. This is also the same exact information that my local FFL dealer(which is listed on this attachment along with my information) faxed over to Fort Bradley Firearms so that they would ship my firearm. Honestly at this point I would prefer to have my money back and NEVER deal with the company again.

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