G Skin & Beauty Institute

After facing bullying, discrimination, racism & physical threats as a high-risk pregnant student, I withdrew from G Skin. On September 14th, no one from the G Skin faculty or staff intervened while I was being discriminated against & physically threatened by other students on campus. G Skin is harvesting a violent and unsafe environment, while expressing discrimination towards pregnant women.

To make a long story short:

On September 14th, my instructor (Rihanna Frasquillo) was prohibiting me from having my usual lunch at 12pm & insisted that I eat at 2pm. Rihanna kept brushing me off and speaking to other students when I was trying to speak with her about my eating schedule. I have low iron and couldn’t wait to eat at 2pm. When my mother showed up with my lunch, my mom spoke with Diana (Diana is the receptionist) & asked about my lunch hour. Diana lied & told my mother she was the “school’s only administrator” and that she would bring me my lunch. Diana then pointed to the floor and told my mother to leave my lunch unattended on the “salon floor” and told my mom she would bring it to me later. Diana then asked my mom “Are we going to be seeing you a lot?” when my mom asked Diana about my lunch hour.

After picking up my food and escorting my mom back to my class to leave for the day, my mother starts asking Rihanna questions. Rihanna wouldn’t answer any questions, but started giving me dirty looks from across the room. The last thing Rihanna said to me was “Don’t forget to punch out” when I was gathering my stuff. I answered I would and then she sarcastically said “Good, so you can finally leave”, while cocking her head at me. As I was trying to explain to Christine Kirkpatrick how Rihanna was forcing me to eat at 2pm and why I was leaving, I heard students threatening to hit me because I made Rihanna “upset”. The students were in the hallway & started yelling. The students called me explicit names & threatened to hit me in the stomach knowing I was pregnant. Once I heard multiple students threatening physical violence towards me and my baby, while no one was interfering?

I told my mother and Christine I wanted to leave. As I’m finally exiting the school, a student named Brooklyn (Brooklyn does illegal eyelash extensions with no license) starts to threaten me from across the parking lot and follow me to my car. Brooklyn would not stop following me to my car, calling me explicit names & physically threatening me for 2 minutes , till I called 911. Brooklyn finally walked back to her car when I dialed 911, but then parked behind my car to threaten me again before I could back out of my parking spot. Once I made it home, I texted Christine how I no longer felt safe attending G Skin Beauty and that I couldn’t attend class in a hostile environment. Christine sympathized with me and assured me I didn’t (financially) owe the school anything.

If my own mother wasn’t at G Skin that day? I’m convinced Rihanna Frasquillo would’ve continued her discrimination, while allowing other students to hit me. Not only did the staff exhibit discrimination towards me, but my own classmates threatened me and the life of my child. I’ve never felt so disgusted and disappointed by a group of women in my life. I only attended class for 14 days, but noticed Rihanna didn’t like me when she wouldn’t shake my hand on the first day. This school is so ghetto and trashy; felt like a prison yard. The instructors are not professional, the rest of staff acts shady and most of the students act like delinquents. There was only one working toilet, the equipment is old/outdated & they have students clean the school instead of hiring a custodian. I thought being surrounded by other women meant I was in safe hands, but I was wrong. Beware of G Skin Beauty

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